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Warsaw. The action “Daffodils” this year in six Polish cities

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On April 19, the 11th edition of the Daffodils campaign commemorating the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising begins. The organizers want to distribute 450,000 paper flowers. For the first time, flowers will be available in as many as six Polish cities, flowers will also reach Jewish organizations around the world. The action is supported by: Wanda Traczyk-Stawska, Aleksandra Żeborowska, Ralph Kaminski and Bartosz Gelner.

“This year we want to distribute 450,000 paper flowers. This number symbolizes the number of Jewish women and men who were locked up in the Warsaw ghetto at the time of its greatest overcrowding – in the spring of 1941,” said the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, which is organizing the campaign for the 11th time. .

Daffodils on the streets of six Polish cities

For the first time in the history of this action, volunteers will distribute paper flowers on the streets of six Polish cities: Warsaw, Łódź, Kraków, Białystok, Lublin and Wrocław.

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– When we started the action in 2013, we had 500 volunteers. Mostly borrowed from the Warsaw Uprising Museum, because we didn’t have our own, we were a young action, a young institution. This year, we received 3,700 applications, mainly young people, without Jewish roots, who want to commemorate the ghetto uprising, heroes, heroines, civilians – said Zofia Bojańczyk, coordinator of the Daffodils campaign at the Thursday conference.

Actress Magdalena Cielecka has been an ambassador of the Daffodils campaign for years. – For me, this action is not only about memory, it is above all about empathy. It is as wonderful and popular as the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. One is yellow, the other is red. We are together on both of these days, ”said the actress. And she added that the quintessence of the action, according to her, is an attempt to empathize and reflect on the question: what would it be like if we were Jews?

Magdalena Cielecka has been an ambassador of the Daffodils campaign for yearsTVN24

Hanna Krall became the Honorary Ambassador of the “Daffodils” campaign, writer and journalist, author of the book “On Time Before God”. Based on her motifs, the museum created a moving animation for students. The trailer can be viewed on the museum’s YouTube channel.

Paper daffodils around the world

On the initiative of the mayor of the capital, Rafał Trzaskowski, 150,000 additional paper flowers (in addition to the 450,000 that will be distributed in Poland) were produced. They found their way to Jewish communities and organizations around the world. The initiative was supported by Ronald S. Lauder, chairman of the World Jewish Congress and member of the POLIN Museum Council. The World Jewish Congress is also a partner of these activities.

More than 40,000 paper daffodils will be distributed in Israel. to schools all over the country and to the participants of the ceremonial concert in Tel Aviv “Remembering Together”. Thanks to the cooperation with ELNET Polska, daffodils will also be given to Israel’s ambassadors in the world.

On April 19, LOT Polish Airlines will commemorate the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising by pinning daffodils by the cabin crew on all routes operated that day. Thanks to a special announcement, passengers will also learn that this day marks the 80th anniversary of the uprising.

In 2023, the Daffodils campaign is organized as part of the “Don’t be indifferent. 80th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising” program.

The museum also encourages you to post pictures of daffodils and stickers on social media: “Use the daffodil effect on Instagram and share your photo. Don’t forget the hashtags: #ŁączyNasMemory and #ActionDaffodils, and about profile designation @polinmuseum“.

Civilians during the uprising

The situation of civilians staying in the Warsaw Ghetto during the uprising is one of the most important topics that the museum wants to raise during the year-round program accompanying the celebrations of the 80th anniversary of the uprising. The organizers also dedicate the action Daffodils to civilians – about 50,000 women, men and children who were hiding in the attics of houses and underground bunkers during the fighting, as well as in the ruins of the ghetto after the fall of the uprising.

Program of the celebrations of the 80th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising>>

A package of educational materials for each age group of children and teenagers was also prepared, including stories for the youngest and an animated film “Make Time Before God”. The materials will help schools get involved in the celebrations on April 19. All content will be accessible to people with disabilities.

From 13 to 23 April, you will also be able to see the Centrum metro station mural commemorating the civilians in the Warsaw Ghetto during the uprising. The mural is a visual story about the heroes of the temporary exhibition “A sea of ​​fire surrounds us.”

Main photo source: POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

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