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Warsaw. The American lost almost a million zlotys in the go-go club. The police reveal the backstage of the criminals’ actions

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The American lost almost a million zlotys on a corporate payment card. The young boy left the club with a loan of 90,000 zlotys. There was also a 50-year-old who woke up the next day in an unfamiliar apartment with a stranger and a “wiped” account. They all fell victim to a group operating in strip clubs. The Central Investigation Bureau of the Police estimates that up to several thousand people may have been injured.

We informed him on Tuesday on tvnwarszawa.pl about the breakdown of an organized crime group dealing with fraud in nightclubs. Last weekend, police officers from CBŚP conducted an action in 22 premises in Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Sopot, Lublin, Rzeszów, Łódź, Katowice, Bydgoszcz and Zakopane. The Central Anticorruption Bureau and the National Revenue Administration also participated in the raids on the premises. Everything took place under the supervision of the National Prosecutor’s Office.

The CBŚP operational officer, who investigated this group, told the Polish Press Agency how the premises operated by criminals functioned. She also described under what circumstances clients lost real fortunes overnight.

CBŚP action in a nightclub at Chmielna Street in Warsawtvnwarszawa.pl

They got drinks and “still didn’t know what happened to them”

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The criminal group operated on the basis of the former “Cocomo” clubs. – Each of the clubs pretended to be separate, but as it turned out, successive economic entities were related to each other, creating a network of night clubs – explained the policewoman. Managed from Krakow (the monitoring center was located there), they robbed customers all over Poland.

– The clubs were so monitored that everyone was recorded. Both employees and customers. As soon as the client showed up in front of the club, it began to be recorded, because the first camera was already installed at the entrance. The exceptions were the toilets, where the cameras were not really there – she said.

There was a club monitoring center in KrakowCBŚP

Investigators have all monitoring secured, which is carefully analyzed. – When the client realized that he had been deceived and reported the matter to the police, the members of the group edited the video from the monitoring in such a way as to prove that everything was done in accordance with the law – says the policewoman.

The policewoman provided the criminals’ modus operandi. – Usually it was so that the client entering the club received a free drink or a drink as part of the ticket, if the entrance was paid. And from that moment on, most of the aggrieved did not know what was going on with them. They only have flashes of awareness in which they recall a specific situation, she emphasized. What was added to the drinks is still determined by the investigators, but they already know that this measure changed the customers into completely passive waitresses, mindlessly carrying out all the orders.

Police: hostesses made customers drunk and “cleaned” their accounts

– Then the client was “assessed” by the ladies who worked in clubs in terms of the potential wealth of the wallet. And when customers came in groups, it was the staff’s job to keep them separate and not let them leave together. Even if one of them managed to leave, they absolutely could not let him call a friend or make someone else come for a friend – she said.

The next stage was a quick inspection of the client’s wallet and pockets. – The ladies were checking what cards the guest had. They were specially trained to know what are the limits on specific cards, including those of foreign banks – she noted.

– Then the ladies started to “work” on a given client. The idea was that it should be “cleared” for the highest possible amount every 10-15 minutes. In the meantime, he was “served” with alcohol all the time. The hostesses brought him to his table as they saw fit. Even if the customer demanded water, he would receive water with vodka, and if he asked for beer, he would receive beer with vodka. There was no chance that a man drinking what they gave him would control the degree of his intoxication – she reported.

The policewoman emphasized that the clubs’ customers probably themselves handed the pins to their cards to the waitresses working in the club. – There were also ATMs in front of the entrance to most of the clubs. Women could go out with customers who had blocked the card in the ATM telephone application so that the customer could unblock it. At ATMs, they could also check how much a given customer has on the account – she informed.

Customers were losing money from bank accountsCBŚP

The policewoman also said that women working in clubs operated in different places in Poland depending on the needs. – For example, when there was a fair in Poznań, the “most effective and hit” ladies went to Poznań. During the jumping competition in Zakopane, they went to Zakopane. The idea was to “catch” the richest customer and get as much money from him as possible – she said.

– In order to maintain the required level of service and all standards in the clubs, there were also controllers called “secret customers”. Men put in by club owners to check how they were taken care of, how they were invited and what happened to them in the club. These people were absolutely forbidden to drink, she said.

The American lost almost a million zlotys

According to investigators, the group could cheat up to several thousand people. – In Krakow alone, we have about a thousand applications. We are still collecting information on how many people could have been aggrieved. We should also remember that some of the victims did not come to us for various reasons, including embarrassment. However, more victims have been coming for a few days – she emphasized.

Among them was a young boy, freshly employed in his first job, where he was to earn less than three thousand zlotys. He was lured to the club by a young girl for a beer. And although he was seemingly an unattractive victim, fraudsters had a way also for such impotent customers. The young man does not remember what happened in the club. It was only later that he discovered that he had left the premises with a loan of 90,000 zlotys taken in the banking application.

– Another victim is a sedate gentleman at the age of about 50 who entered the club with a friend. He remembers nothing from the moment he stepped in, but he remembers well how he woke up the next day in an unfamiliar apartment with a stranger who also did not know how he got there. The 50-year-old lost about 35,000 zlotys, he had so much on his cards – said the policewoman.

The group also cheated an approximately 40-year-old US citizen who entered the club with 15 different cards. – They have all been cleared to zero. He lost about PLN 300,000 – she said. But it still wasn’t the record holder.

Another American residing in Poland lost PLN 945,000 (the investigators do not want to reveal the city in which the crime took place). – His company card was wiped – says the policewoman.

– There was also a gentleman who came to the club in his hometown. In the morning, not knowing where he was, he got into a taxi and drove 300 kilometers to a hotel in another city. He doesn’t remember anything about his stay at the club. He lost about 60,000 zlotys in it – added the CBŚP operational officer. The course had to be ordered as well.

They check what the club’s customers were intoxicated with

Investigators check what the “intoxicated” customers of go-go clubs might have been. – This requires a special expertise of the Institute of Forensic Expertise, which works on samples collected by us in clubs. We took them from practically everything that was in the club, for example samples of alcohol, fruit, ice, salt, drink syrups – she emphasized.

– However, everything indicates that the mode of action of this substance is similar to that of GHB. This substance means that a person does not lose control over himself, he can behave normally, is not unconscious, but he remembers nothing and carries out orders without reflection – she explained.

– The breakdown time of this substance in the body is very short. After about four hours, it is very difficult to detect. However, such a substance does not decompose outside the human body. If, for example, it was found in alcohol bottles in clubs, it would be detected in the collected samples – emphasized the policewoman.

CBŚP appeals to the victims to report to the police

In turn, the spokeswoman for the Central Police Investigation Bureau, Deputy Inspector Iwona Jurkiewicz, in an interview with PAP appealed to people who had also been deceived by the group and had not yet reported to the police. – Victims may report to the nearest police unit and submit a notification of a crime with the information that the investigation is being conducted by police officers from the CBŚP Board in Kraków – emphasized the CBŚP spokeswoman.

– Victims are asked to provide all bank statements from the accounts for the period when they fell victim to the crime. It is very important to provide a list of confirmed and rejected transactions, because our findings show that if, for example, four transactions were successful and money was withdrawn from the account, there were usually many more attempts at such downloads – explained the inspector. Jurkiewicz.

As the investigators reported at the beginning of the week, a total of 22 people were arrested for the case. During the action, in addition to the premises, they also searched the Krakow club headquarters, where the aforementioned monitoring center operated.

– I think that many a police garrison could envy such a management center that operated in this group. Over 100 large monitors connected to eight servers which collected sound and images from clubs located in various cities from several hundred cameras. All data was carefully recorded. We have secured over 4,000 3- and 4-terabyte disks. The data on these disks was stored as described. They are very well archived by the group – the investigator said.

Main photo source: CBŚP

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