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Warsaw, the area next to Legia, a loud hip-hop party

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– It’s so loud in the apartment that children sit with their ears plugged and say they have a headache. Frames and windows tremble from the bass, curses are chanted from the stage, which of course can be heard at home – this is how one of the residents describes a hip-hop party in the area near the Legia stadium. The festival was approved by the city hall, but officials say that the organizer must take into account the consequences.

An open-air stage, between the Legia stadium and Wisłostrada, near the Royal Łazienki Park. A big hip-hop event, the second edition of the Clout Festival, was held here over the weekend.

“This time we fly all weekend! On July 8-9, 2023, in an improved formula and a new location, in the very center of Warsaw, at Łazienkowska Street, in the area surrounding the Municipal Stadium, several influential international artists will perform!” – announced the organizers. They kept their word and “flew” very wide.

– The event was attended by several hundred residents of the blocks of flats in the nearby housing estate – say the neighbors of the Legia stadium, who already on Thursday, when rehearsals were taking place, notified the police, city guards and the city office about the huge noise. In their opinion, there has never been such a troublesome event in this place. The cooperative is also preparing a notice in this regard.

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Residents outraged. “Frames and windows tremble with bass”

– The volume of this event exceeds all acceptable standards and limits. It’s so loud in the apartment that children sit with their hands plugged in their ears and say they have headaches. Frames and windows tremble from the bass, curses are chanted from the stage, which of course can be heard at home – one of the residents of a nearby housing estate told us on Friday.

– On Saturday, at 2 o’clock in the morning, I heard vulgar words shouted into microphones. It is scandalous to organize such an event in a completely inappropriate place, near a housing estate, near green areas where many birds and animals live, and near the Łazienki Królewskie park, which is a museum after all, he added.

He noted that he has lived in the estate “forever”. – Never, absolutely never, has there been such a loud event here. And yet there are organized concerts, various other events, of course there are also matches. And it doesn’t bother us, we’re used to it, because these events do not exceed social norms – he noted.

Another resident sent us videos showing door frames shaking or the car alarm going off every now and then.

“How can you hurt people like that?” Intervention of the cooperative

Representatives of the “Szwoleżerów” Housing Cooperative admit that residents have been intervening in the matter of huge noise since Thursday, when the rehearsals began. There were a lot of submissions.

– It started on Thursday, in the early afternoon hours, when the first sound checks took place. Even then, we tried to intervene in the city, find out what was going on, what kind of event it was. We were dismissed when we called the emergency number 112, we heard: after all, there is permission for the festival, it is a closed event to which the police are not allowed. One of the calls the service did not want to accept. I called the number 19 115 several times – described Szymon Seliga from the SM “Chamberjacks”.

With what effect? – Initially, I heard that there was an agreement that the services could not do anything. Only when I raised that the consent does not exempt from compliance with certain norms of social coexistence and noise, officials began to look at the case – replied the cooperative member.

He noted that “the noise level was such that on Friday night with the windows and doors closed, there was such a rumble that the children could not sleep.” “The two-year-old daughter kept waking up and crying,” he described.

Maria Żabicka, a member of the management board of the cooperative, also received phone calls regarding the event. – Called and came to the office of the housing association. There were people who had lived in this estate for over 50 years, very advanced in age. It was a traumatic sight. One of the residents took the trouble and came closer to the party. She came back very appalled, she said: “how can people be teased like that, the building is so bad, even the ground is shaking” – she reported.

City Police: We’ve had reports. City Hall comment

Jerzy Jabraszko from the press office of the city guard admits that officers received four reports regarding noise in the area. A patrol was sent to the site, but they were helpless. – The organizer showed the officers permission, the guards could not do anything – he admitted.

We also asked Jakub Leduchowski from the press office of the city hall about the matter.

– The Municipal Contact Center and the city guard received noise reports on the night from Friday to Saturday regarding this mass event (…) In the permit to organize the event, we included a mention of the need to comply with noise standards and lawful behavior – he replied to us on Saturday Leduchowski.

– If a notification is made in this matter, the organizer, despite having a permit to organize a mass event, is liable for disturbing the silence. We’ve spoken to the security manager, instructed to turn down the volume. The police also intervened, the official added.

– We will submit such a notification as much as possible – said Szymon Seliga.

– This is something that surprised everyone. The inhabitants of the whole estate suffered, especially the two nearest blocks. This is the area of ​​the city, concerts can of course take place here, but events such as this weekend should take place outside the city, at airports – added Maria Żabicka. – Ducks, squirrels, peacocks live here, you have to think about what and where you allow. We must protest so that such an event will never be held here again – she concluded.

We asked the organizer of the event for a comment. Up to the time of publication of the article, we have not received answers to our questions.

Author:Klaudia Ziolkowska

Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński, tvnwarszawa.pl

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