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Monday, September 20, 2021

Warsaw. The bat hid in the underground garage in Kabaty

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The little bat went to the underground garage of one of the skyscrapers in Kabaty. Among the plumbing pipes, an inhabitant of the building spotted him and called for an ecopathrol. The mammals will be taken care of by the employees of the Municipal Forests.

City guards from ekopatrol intervened in Kabaty on Wednesday evening. As they presume, the young bat probably escaped from the city noise and entered a dead end in the underground parking lot of one of the skyscrapers. He hid between the pipes and hung upside down. He was spotted in this position by one of the townspeople, who fortunately immediately notified the municipal guards of the ecopathrol about it.

– The guards delicately caught the sleeping and clearly weakened bat. Then they put it in a specialized transporter and handed it over to the City Forests. In the Wild Animal Rehabilitation Center, specialists in restoring the strength of weakened animals will take care of it, informs Jerzy Jabraszko from the Municipal Police. The action was exemplary and if the little mammal only regained strength, it would resume flying.


There are almost 30 species of bats in Poland

The bat is the only mammal that can fly. It lives in abandoned buildings, forests, caves, cellars, bridges, piles of wood and many other places. There are nearly thirty species of bats in Poland. Among them, we can find nock, horseshoe bat, cockerel, mocha, porcini mushroom, porcini mushroom, bat and mopka. Polish bats are insectivores – they eat butterflies, mosquitoes, beetles, grasshoppers, ants, flies and forks.

In Poland, they are protected, and some species are even on the red list of endangered animals. If we find a bat, leave it alone. Bats rarely get rabies, but if they do get bitten, consult your doctor right away

Main photo source: Municipal Police

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