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Warsaw. The bus driver saved a 12-year-old girl from an aggressive man

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On the 192-year-old bus, a man sat down and started to scare her. The driver of the vehicle stood up for the terrified teenager. The girl’s mother thanked him on Facebook.

Marek Zwoliński, a driver of a Warsaw bus with six years of experience, has become a hero of social media. As described by the town hall, the girl’s mother, after his intervention, not only sent thanks to the Public Transport Authority, but also described the whole situation on the local group Obywatele Ursynowa on Facebook, and her post was liked by over 600 people.

The 12-year-old was terrified, the driver stood up for her

“Thank you to the driver of the morning bus line 192 towards Os. Kabaty, who today defended my 12-year-old daughter against an aggressive man who sat down next to her (despite the empty seats in the vehicle) and scared her. The daughter was terrified, but the driver at the stop got off from the cabin and stood up for her. Later the situation repeated with the adult passenger and the driver intervened again. teen’s mother.

The driver himself referred to the matter. I have a daughter of that age myself, so it’s natural for me to intervene – he commented shortly.

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Every year, they reward heroes and heroes for communication

The authorities of Warsaw, together with the Public Transport Authority and employers, each September award dozens of driver-heroes, both men and women.

“Drivers provide pre-medical assistance to pedestrians or victims of road accidents, and even extinguish burning vehicles. Situations in which the driver has to protect passengers against aggressive people – as in this case – are rare,” the town hall informed.

It happens from time to time that drivers intervene to defend beaten or harassed passers-by who are outside the bus – described Adam Stawicki, spokesman for Miejskie Zakłady Autobusowe. – In such situations, drivers drive up and allow the victim to escape to the bus, then closing the door to the attacker – he added.

The procedure for reporting extraordinary events in Warsaw’s means of transport was explained by Tomasz Kunert, spokesman for the Public Transport Authority: If an extraordinary event is noticed, the driver or the driver is obliged to inform his dispatcher via radio and then follow his instructions. And if the situation requires it, it is obliged to call emergency services in the first place, such as the police, municipal police, ambulance service. It is worth remembering that each vehicle is positioned via GPS and equipped with monitoring cameras.

They defend the beaten, help to extinguish fires, even take care of … hedgehogs

Every year, ZTM receives dozens of praises for drivers and tram drivers for interventions. The City Hall cited several of them in a press release:

“Sincere words of appreciation to the driver of bus 182 who, at the Marszałkowska stop towards the Polytechnic University, stood up without hesitation in defense of the girl beaten at the stop on 28.01.2021 at about 22.00”.

“We would like to express our gratitude to the driver of the bus 166, number 1201, who on November 23 at 3.40 p.m. near the Tor Stegny 03 stop witnessed our son riding a bicycle being hit by a passenger car who fled the scene of the collision. The driver first with his bus He pledged our son so that no one would hit him again, then he helped him to get up from the road and escorted him to the policemen who were doing activities in connection with another incident at the bus stop, and he also volunteered to testify in our case “.

“The driver of line 187, side number 2231, 10/08/2021 around 9 o’clock, when he noticed a man lying in the grass behind the bus stop, he left the bus and made sure that there was no need to call an ambulance. It was an ordinary, human reflex, but it deserves praise, especially that many people passed by indifferently. “

“I wanted to write a praise for the driver of the bus line 138 in the direction of ‘Zajezdnia Utrata’, who on 05.01.2021 at about 4:55 PM helped the driver with the car on fire. The bus driver immediately took out 2 fire extinguishers and helped to extinguish the fire before the arrival of the Guard unit. A big thank you to a driver who becomes a human being in every situation! “

A hedgehog was crossing the street. MZA: made it safely thanks to the help of our driver >>

“I would like to praise you or Ms the driver of the bus No. 136, on Thursday 20.05 bus No. 136 in the direction of Maklakiewicz (shortened course) and passing the Dunikowski stop at approx. in the darkness of the hedgehog, she quickly stopped at the roundabout and let the hedgehog tramp safely onto the lawn. It all looked lovely – a huge articulated bus and a small scrub stomping in front of its hood. The sight would be great for a cartoon and would squeeze a tear on any viewer. “

In July, we reported how the bus driver saved a young boy from an attack:

The city bus driver saved the boy from an attackMZA

Main photo source: UM Warsaw

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