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Warsaw. The bus driver was supposed to transport people from Warsaw to the north, but he was stopped by the police

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On Saturday morning, the police in the capital city arrested several drunk drivers. Among other things, the bus driver, who got behind the wheel “after drinking alcohol”, did not move on the further journey.

According to Rafał Markiewicz from the press department of the Warsaw Police Headquarters, officers conducted the “sober morning” campaign on Saturday.

– We stopped five drunk drivers – said the policeman. He noted that among the detainees was the driver of the bus, which he was driving “after drinking”. – He was detained in the center, from where he was supposed to take passengers on a journey to the north of Poland – Markiewicz added.

He noted that the driver did not continue his journey. The company he works for has appointed a replacement.

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What threatens?

The Warsaw Police Headquarters reminds you of the consequences for people who get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

– Driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs = 15 points and up to two years imprisonment. On recidivism, up to five years.

– Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or a similar substance = 15 points and imprisonment or a fine of not less than PLN 2,500 (up to PLN 30,000).

– Driving a vehicle other than a motor vehicle while intoxicated and after using alcohol or a similar substance = when intoxicated from PLN 2,500, and after use, not less than PLN 1,000.

Main photo source: Police

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