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Warsaw. The case of Kajetan P. in the appellate court. The court adjourned the hearing

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The court adjourned the hearing in the case of the brutal murder of a lecturer. The accused, Kajetan P., who was sentenced to life imprisonment by the court of first instance, is waiting for a verdict.

On Monday, another appeal hearing of Kajetan P. was to take place at the Court of Appeal in Warsaw, during which the court planned to hear closing arguments. However, it did not take place due to the illness of one of the judges, and the next court date was set for June 1. Hearings are held in public.

Previously sentenced to life imprisonment

At the end of January 2021, the District Court in Warsaw sentenced Kajetan P. to life imprisonment. The court found the defendant guilty of murdering Katarzyna J. in February 2016 in an apartment in Warsaw’s Wola district. He also found him guilty of attacking a police officer who escorted him on February 26, 2016 on a plane flying from Malta to Poland.

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The court imposed a sentence of life imprisonment, despite the fact that the accused had – according to the experts’ opinions – at the time of committing both acts of limited sanity. Kajetan P. is to serve his sentence in the therapeutic system. The court also obliged him to pay PLN 75,000 each “for the harm suffered” to the mother and father of the woman he had murdered.

Both Kajetan P.’s defenders appealed against this judgment, demanding that the Regional Court’s judgment be overturned. The defense disagreed with the verdict. We questioned him both in terms of determining the sanity and the amount of the penalty – Piotr Dałkowski, attorney for Kajetan P., informed earlier. He added that in the appeal, the defense demanded that Kajetan P. be declared in a state of excluded conscious decision-making.

In turn, the prosecutor’s office agreed with the sentence, but appealed against the judgment as to the legal qualification to the disadvantage of Kajetan P., because it believed that the man was sane.

The brutal murder of a teacher

The trial of Kajetan P. concerns a brutal murder that took place on February 3, 2016 in an apartment at ul. Skierniewicka in Warsaw’s Wola district, where Kajetan P. arranged an Italian language lesson with a 30-year-old translator, Katarzyna J. The man stabbed the woman several times with a knife in the neck. He dismembered the body and transported it by taxi to the flat he rented at ul. Potocka in Żoliborz. To cover the tracks of the murder, he caused a fire in this apartment. Katarzyna J.’s corpse was discovered by firefighters putting out the fire.

From February 6, 2016, Kajetan P. was wanted by the prosecutor’s office on an arrest warrant. The man fled abroad. He was captured after 11 days in Malta and handed over to Poland. He showed no remorse during the interrogation. His explanations showed that the lecturer was an accidental victim. He said that he decided to kill a man “as part of working on himself and fighting weaknesses.”

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