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Warsaw. The City Hall carries out a comprehensive inspection at the “Na Paluchu” Shelter

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A comprehensive inspection in the “Na Paluchu” Shelter, commissioned by the Mayor of Warsaw last month, will continue until August 20, informed the town hall. The decision was made after the city authorities received information about the conflict between the volunteers and the management of the facility.

The employees of the Control Office from the Capital City Hall in the Shelter for Homeless Animals in Warsaw have been carrying out inspections since August 2.

Control of the town hall in the “Na Paluchu” Shelter

“The following are examined: the principles and functioning of volunteer work in the shelter, the correctness of the adoption processes (including the current and previous procedures, comparison, purposefulness and legitimacy of the introduced changes and possible deviations from the applicable procedure), the living conditions of cats and the use of medical equipment for the treatment of animals obtained as part of public fundraising “- mentions the town hall in the communiqué on this subject. He also informs that the inspection concerns the operation of the facility in the period from the beginning of 2020 to the end of July this year.

“The auditors work on the basis of the ordinance No. 1837/2019 of the President of the Capital City of Warsaw of December 12, 2019 on the principles and procedure of audit proceedings. It is worth emphasizing that these are, among others, the principles of legality, professionalism, reliability and objectivity. The principle of the adversarial principle, understood as the equality of the parties in the control process, is also very important “- indicate officials.

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The City Hall ensures that the auditors will analyze and respond to all findings gathered in the proceedings. “Everyone – shelter staff, volunteers, doctors and other interested persons can make an oral or written statement to the inspector on the issues under investigation” – he reminds. The final stage is the preparation of a post-audit statement. It will include the assessment as well as conclusions and recommendations addressed to the “head of the auditee”, in this case to the management of the shelter. As announced by the town hall, the speech will be published in the Public Information Bulletin.

Conflict in “Paluch”

Control is the aftermath of a conflict between the volunteers of the shelter and its management. As we informed at the end of July on tvnwarszawa.pl, it is about the principles of the facility’s operation and the conditions in which a large part of dogs and cats lives, which was reported by the volunteers themselves. It was then that the town hall, concerned about the fate of the shelter’s charges, announced the inspection. He also noted that the facility was planned to be modernized. At the end of June, it was announced tender for the investment. The works are to be completed in 2023. The volunteers who showed the old kitchen on social media, where the rehabilitation room was to be promised, the project of which won the most votes in last year’s participatory budget, think otherwise.

In turn, we informed in May about an open list of volunteersin which they expressed concern about changes in adoption procedures, which would prevent them from having any influence on which home they would end up in.

Main photo source: TVN24

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