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Warsaw. The city is changing timetables. Trams, underground and some buses will run more frequently

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The Public Transport Authority announced that from September 27, trams and metro will return to their basic frequencies from before the holidays. However, from October 2, some buses will also go more frequently. Earlier, a wave of criticism fell on officials for partially maintaining holiday timetables.

Leaving the holiday frequencies on tram, some bus and metro lines in September was criticized by activists from Miasto Jest Nasz. On their social media profiles, they published photos of crowded public transport vehicles at rush hour. Remote work is still popular, according to activists, but this “does not justify such drastic cuts in public transport.” According to them, it must run frequently if it is to be an attractive alternative to cars. They gave Kraków as an example, where most holiday timetables were withdrawn already in mid-August.

The city insisted that there were fewer passengers than before the pandemic, and the timetables were based on careful research. The spokesman of the Public Transport Authority, Tomasz Kunert, made a reservation that timetables can be corrected at any time.

“The use of places has been checked”

It turned out that such a correction is necessary. In Wednesday’s announcement, ZTM informed that mid-September was the time of careful observation of passenger traffic and the use of public transport vehicles. “The use of seats in trams was checked in dozens of key locations. Data was also collected from buses (which, thanks to the systems installed, they count passengers themselves) and subway gates (which count passengers entering and leaving the ticket zone). The number of passengers increased – to approx. 70 percent. numbers from the period before the epidemic “- informed the ZTM.

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In October, according to the announcements of the Ministry of Education and Science, students will return to full-time classes – which means that the number of people traveling by public transport will increase even more.

Timetable changes

From September 27, all tram lines will return to their basic timetables: during rush hours, trains will arrive at the stops every 4 minutes or every 8 minutes, and between the peaks every 6 or every 12 minutes. The metro will also run more frequently during peak times – every 2 minutes on the M1 line. and 20 sec., and M2 every 2 min. and 50 seconds.

Changes to bus timetables will enter into force on October 2. On Saturdays and Sundays, 196 buses will be used again. Pre-holiday timetables will be restored for lines: 104 (at traffic peaks, stops every 20 minutes), 105 (on weekdays, at peaks every 6 minutes), E-1 (from 4 October, in peaks every 10 minutes).

The frequency of buses 114 and 122 will also increase to 15 minutes between peaks and at weekends. On weekdays, from 7 am to 8 pm, buses of line 114 will additionally travel on a shortened route: Metro Młociny – Młociny-UKSW. On Saturdays and public holidays, line 523 will take passengers every 10 minutes, and line 193 will take passengers every 15 minutes. The 190 buses will run every 10 minutes on Saturdays.

From October 4, the E-2 buses will leave the route. On its full route, i.e. Ursus-Niedźwiadek – Ursynów Płd. Buses 401 will come back. In the morning rush hour they will also run on a shorter route: PKP Ursus – Metro Służew

Officials also recalled that the first corrections to the schedules had already been made. From September 8, a larger bus runs on line 304 during the morning rush hour. Additional 523 courses were launched, and from September 13, the line returned to its pre-holiday frequency during the morning rush hour – every four minutes. 201 buses also run on the shorter Znana – Koło route. In addition, from Wednesday, September 15, line 31 was strengthened – in the most loaded hours of the morning and afternoon rush hours, additional courses were launched.

In May, activists from MJN argued that strict restrictions on communication were not needed:

In Poland, extremely strict limits on the number of passengers in public transportMateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: WTP

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