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Warsaw. The city is getting ready for the march of nationalists

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Building materials are being secured at the Dmowskiego roundabout, and garbage bins and city bikes are being removed along the route of the nationalists’ march. – We are doing it because the police asked us to do so – said the Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski the day before November 11. He advised against driving in the center of the capital on Thursday.

During the afternoon briefing, the president of the capital spoke about the city’s preparations for the Thursday march.

– We decided to secure all building materials that were, among others, at the Dmowski roundabout, we have been dealing with it for several days. 200 tons have to be exported. These materials will be removed today. It is true that it is difficult to imagine that the materials could pose a threat to security, but we do it because the police asked us to do so – said Rafał Trzaskowski.

He indicated that the talks with the police also concerned garbage bins and city bikes. – We will also remove them from the route of the march – assured the president. – The question is whether the baskets and renovation works are at odds with patriotism today and who will pay for it all? Because these are significant costs. – Rafał Trzaskowskie noticed. And he reminded that apart from the Dmowski roundabout, the city is also renovating the so-called Pięć Rogów square (not directly on the route, but in close proximity to Aleje Jerozolimskie).

Trzaskowski stressed that the rulers “unfortunately complicated the situation by the fact that instead of taking responsibility for organizing this type of event a few months ago, they did it literally two days before November 11”. – Normally, 30 days before such ceremonies, such a decision should be made, for example, to block the road lane. Unfortunately, the rulers decided from the very beginning to entrust the organization of the march to nationalist circles, he assessed.

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The Mayor of Warsaw expressed his hope that “tomorrow’s march will take place without excesses” and appealed for “decent behavior”.

Rafał Trzaskowski assured that the town hall would ensure that the city would “function as well as possible”. – First of all, I advise everyone against using cars in the city center and encourage them to use public transport. As for trams and buses, detours will be managed, he said.

Main photo source: TVN24

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