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Warsaw. The city is looking for a designer of a linear park by the POW

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The Board of Greenery has announced a tender for a land development project over the tunnel of the Southern Bypass of Warsaw. It is planned to plant about 700 trees and 28,000 shrubs.

As announced in a press release by the capital city hall, the Warsaw Green Authority has just announced a tender for the preparation of a construction and executive design for the park along Płkowicka Street over the tunnel of the Southern Ring Road of Warsaw. The bids are to be opened on November 15th.

But the road to planting the first trees and shrubs is very long. Work on the project itself is expected to last one year from signing the contract. The City Hall estimates that the announcement of a tender for the implementation of the basic scope of land development over the POW tunnel is planned for the beginning of the second quarter of 2023.

Promenade and meandering ribbon

What will be built over POW? – We will create a new, extensive linear park nearly two kilometers long, accessible to all residents. In the project, we focus on solutions that will allow us to effectively manage rainwater and meltwater. The large biologically active area of ​​the park will be in line with the assumptions of the Strategy of Adaptation to Climate Change for the Capital City of Of Warsaw – says Justyna Glusman, director and coordinator for sustainable development and greenery of the Capital City of Warsaw, quoted in the announcement. Of Warsaw.

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– We will plant around 700 trees and 28,000 bushes over the Southern Ring Road of Warsaw, we will also create multi-species flower meadows and perennial beds – added Kamila Nowocin, deputy director of Warsaw’s Zielenia.

In addition to new trees and shrubs, alleys and sidewalks will be built, as well as lighting and monitoring. The main element of the planned areas will be a promenade running from ul. Pileckiego to ul. Nowoursynowska and the so-called “yellow ribbon” meandering through all sections of the terrain, made of various elements and materials, the common feature of which is yellow. In one place, the “ribbon” will be the surface, in the next it will turn into vegetation, and then into an element of small architecture or a play element, depending on the place and its function.

However, on the section from ul. Braci Wagów to al. The National Education Commission will create a city square with a floor fountain, planted with trees, with a place for a New Year’s Christmas tree. There are sculptural play elements and a wooden platform with a variable inclination.

The City Hall announced that PLN 10.3 million was reserved in the city’s budget for the design and construction of a new green area over the POW.

Park above the POW tunneldistrict Office

A stripped down concept of the park

The City Hall recalled in the announcement that the architectural and urban concept for the development of the area above the POW tunnel was developed in public consultations in 2016 by a team of the PROINWESTYCJA design and consulting office under the supervision of Katarzyna Łowicka. However, the original assumptions clashed with budgetary possibilities.

In February, we reported that the concept of the park has been truncated. The basic assumptions were presented during the sessions of the Committee on Architecture and Environmental Protection at the Ursynów Council. What has changed from the original concept? Most of the differences concern the previously proposed streams. – In order for the water to flow, it would have to be treated. These are very large undertakings. We would prefer not to introduce items with stagnant, polluted and difficult to maintain water. Therefore, at this stage, we do not recommend it and propose replacing the brook with greenery – Kamila Nowacin explained to the Ursynów councilor at the time. In addition, the Green Management Board decided to divide the concept into elements to be implemented in the first place (avenues, pavements, squares, vegetation, benches, garbage cans) and those that will be prepared in the next stages (playgrounds, outdoor gyms).

There were also changes in the concept resulting from the location of the park on the tunnel ceiling. Therefore, the hills were abandoned, which will be replaced with clusters of shrubs and – again – with water elements. In their place, ornamental vegetation is proposed. Nowacin also signaled that in several places the target shape of the park will be influenced by investments carried out by the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways as part of the reconstruction of the area above the tunnel – this includes, for example, the car park at the Kazury estate or the earth embankment between Rosoła and Nowoursynowska streets.

The investment calendar presented then shows that between March and April 2023 there would be a tender for the implementation of the green areas presented in the concept, and from May 2023 to May 2024, the implementation of construction and gardening works.

Main photo source: district Office

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