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Warsaw. The city put 45 towed vehicles up for sale. There were over 900 applicants

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The Municipal Roads Authority has settled a tender for the sale of vehicles that have not been collected by their owners after being towed away. 901 bids were received for 45 cars and one scooter. About PLN 286,000 will be transferred to the city’s coffers.

For the fifth time, road builders have put up for sale vehicles that were towed from the streets of Warsaw, unwanted by previous owners. 901 offers were received for 46 vehicles. 866 of them turned out to be valid. 38 vehicles received at least one valid offer. The vehicle that received the highest bid was the BMW 5 Series – over 39,000. zloty.

PLN 286,000 to the city budget

BMW Z3 aroused the greatest interest – as many as 100 people were willing to buy it (96 valid offers). In the end, the vehicle of the German brand can be sold for 20,000. zloty.

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“The bidders who submitted the most advantageous offers are now notified by us about further procedures. If all vehicles eventually go to new buyers, the city budget will gain about PLN 286,000. For this amount, we will be able to renovate, for example, several hundred meters of roadway” – said ZDM.

Cars removed from the streets are put up for auction. These are vehicles left without license plates or whose condition indicates that they are not used. Such cars are removed at the request of the city guard or the police and go to the car parks of companies with which road builders have signed relevant agreements. There they wait for the owner or the person authorized to collect them. If no one claims the car within 6 months, it becomes the property of the city under the act.

This is not the first such auction

From 2021, road builders will sell unclaimed cars at auction. In autumn 2021, they put eight such cars up for sale, seven of which found new owners, and the sum they received for them was PLN 92.7 thousand. zloty. In 2022, a total of 57 cars were exhibited. 45 found new owners, and the sum paid for them amounted to PLN 364.6 thousand. zloty. “This amount is sufficient for the renovation of approx. 300 m of roadway” – said ZDM.

In March 2023, another proceeding was announced. The list consisted of 77 cars, including four re-listed cars, and a motorcycle. Ultimately, 59 cars and one motorcycle found new owners. All of them have already been picked up. As a result, more than 400,000 came into the city’s coffers. zloty

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Director of ZDM about the planned renovation of streets in WarsawArtur Węgrzynowicz/tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: ZDM

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