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Warsaw. The city took over the building that housed the Russian school. See what it looks like inside

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What does the interior of the building at Kielecka 45 look like, which until last weekend was occupied by the Russian embassy? After the property was taken over by the city, TVN24 reporters went inside. On Tuesday evening, the material in the “Polska i Świat” magazine.

TVN24 reporters were able to enter the building on Tuesday, May 2. They took the first photos. What do you see on them? Torn and scratched parquet, textbooks and teaching materials and the inscription “hello, school” in Russian. There is also a bust of Lenin. The facility was occupied by the Russians a few days ago.

Compared to the “Spiegow” at Sobieskiego Street, which was taken over by the city last year, the interior of the facility at Kielecka Street is not in the worst condition. When the TVN24 camera entered the “Spy” last spring, it found: cut pipes, ripped out sinks, broken furniture and an abandoned nightclub.

This is what the inside of the “Spy” looked likeTVN24

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Bailiff action at the request of the city

On tvnwarszawa.pl we reported that On Saturday, the capital city authorities took over the building at 45 Kielecka Street, which was occupied by the Russian embassy – in the opinion of the Polish state – illegally. There was a Russian high school in it, where the children of diplomats and military men studied. The bailiff action was carried out at the request of the city, submitted in consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The takeover of the property was confirmed by Łukasz Jasina, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As he pointed out at the time, the bailiff’s takeover took place at the request of the city, which was submitted in consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – “on the basis of a court judgment granting the Polish state the right of ownership of this building, illegally held by the Russian embassy for years.”

A ministry spokesman noted that the property had no diplomatic status. And it was “simply the recovery of Treasury property, having no connection with the Vienna Convention.” He also confirmed that the bailiff’s execution was carried out on Saturday.

They will allocate the building for educational purposes

On Saturday evening, the mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, wrote about the end of the action in social media.

“We have taken over another building illegally occupied by the Russian Federation. The bailiff has just finished his activities at 45 Kielecka Street. We will urgently apply to the Mazowieckie voivodship to entrust the property to the Capital City of Warsaw” – he announced.

“We want to use the building for educational purposes – from the coming school year, in which we will face difficulties resulting from the accumulation of years. FR at 45 Kielecka Street ran a high school for the children of Russian diplomats,” wrote Trzaskowski.

Outside the building at 45 Kielecka Street, it was the so-called Spy at ul. Sobieskiego 100. The city took it over a year ago. In both cases, final judgments of Polish courts were issued regarding the issue of real estate to the State Treasury.

There is an idea to partially finance the costly renovation of “Spiegowa”.

“Spiegowo” at 100 Sobieskiego StreetTVN24

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