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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Warsaw. The city’s Christmas tree lit up on the Castle Square, and Christmas trains began to run in the subway

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On Wednesday, a 27-meter Christmas tree flared up in the Castle Square. The lamps were lit by the President of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski. On that day, the Warsaw Metro also launched a Christmas train that runs alternately on both metro lines.

Along with the Christmas tree, other decorations in the Castle Square also lit up. The rest of the holiday illumination will be turned on over the weekend.

Just like last year, the city’s illumination beautified the Castle Square and Krakowskie Przedmieście. There are nine free-standing decorations along the entire length. The main one is a 27-meter Christmas tree. In its vicinity there are decorations: “balloon seller” and “Warsaw organ grinder”. At the monument of Nicolaus Copernicus there will be a “horse tram”, in the square of ks. Jan Twardowski, “chess figures” and “chessboard”, and in Hoover Square, a “rotating carousel” will invite you for a ride. The last square will also feature a “gazebo for lovers”, who will be able to take photos together in it and with a “greeting card” located nearby. In addition, there will be a 54-meter long “light tunnel” at the ks. Jan Twardowski.


They also decorated the poles

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As every year, street lamps were also decorated. Christmas decorations were hung on 108 lighting poles on Krakowskie Przedmieście and 15 on Castle Square. On the other hand, 63 trees were decorated with energy-saving eco-LED diodes.

Christmas illumination is already a tradition in Warsaw. As the town hall points out, it not only adds charm to the city, but also brings measurable benefits. Provides additional lighting in periods when darkness is almost 16 hours a day. Thus, it allows you to brighten up the streets, which contributes to the improvement of safety, comfort and well-being of residents. The illuminations consist of energy-saving eco-LED lights. They consume 10 times less electricity than traditional light bulbs. “Thanks to this, the cost of supplying decorations this year will oscillate around PLN 1,000 per day. Expenditure on electricity for Christmas lights is only 0.4% of the cost of powering all city lanterns” – summed up the town hall.

Christmas metro

On December 1, Metro Warszawskie also launched a Christmas train. According to the metro, this year’s graphics combine elements related to winter and holidays with the characteristic architectural structures of Warsaw. The design is dominated by blue and red, the handrails inside the depot and the floor of the wagons are also glued. On the outside, multicolored lights were installed.

The Christmas train runs alternately on both metro lines, according to the current timetables. It will run until 6 January.

Christmas subway trainWarsaw Metro

Main photo source: Radek Pietruszka, PAP

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