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Warsaw. The construction of the first part of the route to Kasprzaka is completed. Tram line 78 will go between Rondo ONZ and Metro Płocka stops

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The first part of the construction of the route to Kasprzaka has been completed. Tram line 78 will carry passengers on the new tracks from January 6. Tram traffic will be restored on Prosta, Kasprzaka and Skierniewicka streets.

The trammen have already done the last cleaning on the new tracks on Kasprzaka. On Wednesday, January 4, in the morning, they sanded the rails and carried out inspection runs on a measuring tram, and then on a Hyundai rotem wagon. On Friday, January 6, tram traffic will be restored on Prosta, Kasprzaka and Skierniewicka, between Rondo ONZ and Metro Płocka stops. Passengers on the new route will be transported by trams of line 78, which will go along al. John Paul II, Prosta, Kasprzak, Skierniewicka and Wolska.

As indicated by the city hall, trams will arrive at the stops every 8 minutes during peak hours and every 12 minutes outside of it.

Rogalińska 04, Szpital Wolski 05 and 06, Karolkowa 03 and 04, Rondo Daszyńskiego 07 and 08, Norblin 03 and 04 and Rondo ONZ 08 stops are restored.

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The current route of the line 11running along Okopowa and Towarowa to Narutowicza Square, is maintained.

Half a kilometer of tracks ready

Work on the construction of the tram to Kasprzaka started in March 2022. According to the town hall, more than half a kilometer of new tracks are ready today – between Skierniewicka and Karolkowa streets.

In total, as part of this investment, we will build or renovate 3.5 kilometers of tracks. – We will provide the residents of the dynamically expanding housing estates of the Wola district with quick and convenient access to the subway. The tracks will be green along the entire route of the tram to Kasprzaka – says Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw.

SEE: Green tracks in the center of Warsaw.

The route to Kasprzaka, along the entire length of the investment, will be ready this year. The implementation of the investment is carried out by Strabag – for the amount of PLN 205.4 million. The official name of the project co-financed by the EU is “Construction of selected sections of tram routes in Warsaw along with the purchase of rolling stock”. The amount of co-financing is PLN 156 million.

“Over two kilometers of new tracks”

After commissioning, the entire route – between Wolska Street and the ONZ roundabout – will be of a uniform technical standard. The town hall emphasizes that the most important part of the completed works is the new turnout junction, which will also allow trams to turn towards Wolska Street. Until now, there was no such possibility.

SEE: New visualizations of the tram route to Kasprzaka.

Trams will continue to work on the construction of tracks along Kasprzaka and the junction at the intersection of Wolska, Kasprzaka and Elekcyjna streets. Works are carried out on a section of almost 3.5 kilometers. – New tracks will be built between Wolska and Skierniewicka – about 2.3 kilometers. The existing ones on Wolska and Kasprzaka, about 1.2 kilometers long, will be modernized.

Passengers will use the new stops: at Płocka, at the Warszawa Wola railway station and at Ordona. All will be adapted to the needs of people with disabilities, carers with children in prams and seniors.

Greenery will come

As part of the investment, tram drivers will plant 94 new trees. As it was emphasized, these will be native deciduous species – Norway maple, European ash, English elm and English oak. It is planned to plant 413 square meters of ornamental grasses and perennials, as well as 6,603 square meters of shrubs.

Shrubs, ornamental grasses and perennials were planted at tram platforms, but also at intersections, in the lanes between roadways and along Wolska Street. In turn, the trees were designed as a supplement to the rows along Wolska and Kasprzaka streets and within the investment area.

The tracks on Kasprzaka, just like on Grochowska, will be planted with sedum. This plant has already become a standard on tram tracks in Warsaw. The total length of the green tracks will be 2.5 kilometers. Concrete walls at the stop in the excavation at the intersection of Wolska and Kasprzaka will be planted with climbing plants. In this place, the area of ​​green areas will increase and the area of ​​the roadway will decrease – on the edge of the track and Park Powstańców Warszawy there will be a double, and in some places even a triple row of trees.

Main photo source: Warsaw Trams

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