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Warsaw. The cooperative wants to build a block at Piotr Skargi. What about the old oak? Residents are afraid of logging

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Mr. Piotr wrote to Kontakt 24, who noticed an announcement about the construction of a new block of flats at Piotra Skargi Street in Targówek. Residents fear that the investment will mean that the hundred-year-old oak on the plot will be cut down. But a representative of the cooperative assures us that a good tree will be replanted.

“For several weeks, an announcement has been posted in one of the cooperatives in Targówek, in which it is stated that a residential block is to be built in the area surrounded by a fence, and an almost hundred-year-old oak tree will be cut down. Interestingly, in exchange for cutting down an oak tree and several more shrubs, new greenery is to be planted, which is absurd. Residents around this area do not agree to cutting down the greenery and building a block of flats “- we read in the message from Mr. Piotr. “Let’s fight together for this greenery, especially the 100-year-old oak, enough of these fellings in Poland” – he appeals.

The cooperative assures that it will replant the tree

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We asked the district office for details. There we heard that the oak will survive. – A building permit has been issued there. However, our decision is to replant the tree. There will be no felling – Rafał Lasota, spokesman for the Targówek District Office, assured us. He added that the decision in this matter is binding, and the cooperative is also to indicate a new place for the tree.

The case was also commented on by a representative of the Workers’ Housing Cooperative “Praga”. He vehemently denied the rumors of logging. – Already in December 2022, we obtained a preliminary offer for replanting the tree in question, and our activities at that time were aimed at identifying technical possibilities for replanting such a large tree – Artur Hoppe, deputy manager of the investment department of RSM “Praga”, told us.

He added that the cooperative does not ignore the voice of the residents and that an on-site visit was carried out with the participation of representatives of the Environmental Protection Bureau and a dendrologist.

– It was established that the tree described above, due to its health condition and current technical possibilities, can be replanted not only in a safe way, but above all in a way that guarantees its vitality. In this regard, the cooperative expressed its readiness to fully cooperate with the relevant authorities of the capital city of Warsaw and to implement all provisions resulting from both the dendrologist’s opinion and the obligations imposed by the Department of Environmental Protection for the Targówek District – indicated Hoppe.

The oak will be moved 10 meters further

Where will the oak be replanted? The initial location was indicated about 10 meters from the place where it currently grows. – We will be able to confirm and provide the exact location after the excavation and confirmation that the tree will not interfere with underground networks. Details regarding the location of the tree will be included in the relevant decision issued by the Department of Environmental Protection, which is independent of the decision of the building permit for the investment we already have and which is final – indicated the deputy investment manager.

He stipulated that the tree replanting technology presented by the dendrologist expert means about a year of preparation for its implementation. – As part of the preparatory work, a number of works will be carried out, including, among others: tree crown care (removal of deadwood), removal of the concrete surface surrounding the tree, an outcrop at the replanting site along with the preparation of a special biologically active substrate or trimming some of the roots – he mentioned, ensuring that the cooperative will do everything at its own expense.

The construction of the residential building at 65 Piotra Skargi Street is to begin only after the tree has been replanted.

Kontakt24, tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz, tvnwarszawa.pl

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