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Warsaw. The cooperative wants to transform the green square next to “Xs” in Powiśle into a parking lot, residents are protesting

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The cooperative managing the blocks between Górnośląska and Fabryczna in Powiśle, i.e. the so-called “Xs”, wants to build a parking lot in the place of the green square in front of the blocks. The residents are against it – they claim that the decision was made in a group of six people and that no one consulted it with them. Works were supposed to have started a few days ago, but for now have been put on hold. – We will not start until the residents work out a common optics. Today they are talking about stopping the investment, and we also have statements from people who would like to be able to park on the premises of the cooperative – a member of the cooperative’s management board tells us.

A few days ago, the editorial office of Kontakt 24 was contacted by Mrs. Bożena, who informed about the scandalous decision of the “Torwar” Construction and Housing Cooperative to transform the green area, located at the so-called “Xs” in Powiśle, into a parking lot. These are the blocks between Górnośląska and Fabryczna streets, in the vicinity of the Łazienkowski Bridge.

– The management of the cooperative is making an attack on our beautiful patch of green planted with old trees, including beautiful linden trees. They decided to build a parking lot on the green square between three blocks. But it all happens in a strange way – nobody knows anything. The meeting supposedly took place on July 23, which none of the tenants knew. Apparently, there were six people who agreed to build the parking lot – reported Mrs. Bożena.

According to the estimates of the residents, about 1,700 people live in three 16-story blocks. -And our area, life and circumstances are decided by six people. We live by Wisłostrada and the Łazienkowski Bridge, we have enough exhaust fumes, and they want to build a car park under the windows. They claim that the greens will not move, but we do not believe it. This area is our tenant tree plantings, a large lawn, bushes and the only place to walk with children and pets. There are two sandboxes. So where are these kids supposed to play? Between cars? the reader asked.


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They protest against unwanted investment

According to the cooperative’s initial announcements, works on the square were to start on August 9. However, they were suspended, because Mrs. Bożena, who wrote to Kontakt 24, is no exception – there are many more people outraged by this investment. On Facebook, they organized an event: “Not for the parking lot in the yard between ‘iks’ Powiśle.” Over 280 people responded. In addition, a group of residents of the Torwar estate was created, who consult there activities regarding the unwanted investment. On the trees in front of “X’s” there were also cards with inscriptions referring to the logging: “what did I do wrong”, “children love me”, “why are you hurting me”, “I’m great”.

The topic was also taken up by activists Miasto jest Nasz. “The first and foremost concerns are the way in which the investment decision is made (no consultation) and how urgent the cooperative is to move forward with taking further actions. For a few days it has been visible, for example, that on some old trees there are traces of the characteristic paint used to designate the plants intended for logging. with the GDOŚ legal acts, which ensure the protection of trees until October this year “- the association points in the entry.

Activists also pay attention to the location of the planned investment: “As it is commonly known, three high blocks are located in close proximity to Torwar and other large parking lots, where it would seem wiser to locate additional parking spaces. very harmful to the local community. “

Cooperative: we will not do anything that is against the will of the residents

– The matter is serious and multifaceted, that’s why today [w czwartek – red.] we meet the locals. We are in touch with them all the time, nothing is a foregone conclusion. We will not start until the residents develop a common view on this issue, because we can already see completely different perspectives. Today they are talking about stopping the investment, and we also have declarations of will of residents who would like to be able to park on the premises of the cooperative. We will try to combine these needs – told us Robert Szumski from the management board of Spółdzielnia Budowlano-Mieszkaniowa “Torwar”.

– We said right away that all the trees will stay and we are planning new plantings, as we did at Wilanowska 16, and after three years the greenery looks fantastic there. We also wanted to make new lighting, because the residents themselves report that it is dark. The parking lot was also not supposed to be concreted, but made of eco-boards with grass growing between them – he enumerated.

As he explained, the meeting was scheduled after the residents submitted to the cooperative a motion to suspend the investment. Szumski stated that there are about 150 signatures on it. He also noted that it is not known exactly how many people live in “Xs”. – We have over 560 premises, but the number of inhabitants is fluid, constantly changing. Certainly there are not 1,700 of them, he said.

He explained why the decision to renovate the parking lot was made in a group of six people: – There are restrictions on the pandemic. We cannot discuss every issue, discuss every renovation in a very wide group. Anyway, in such cases, we always have delegations, representatives of the buildings concerned, who know what the needs of the residents are. Try to make a decision in a group of 200 people. It would be hard.

Szumski also argued that the cooperative works for the benefit of the inhabitants. – A cooperative are members of a cooperative. We manage real estate, but the foundation is always a human being, then the subject of management – real estate – he summed up.

Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński / tvnwarszawa.pl

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