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Warsaw. The councilors adopted the Green Vision of Warsaw

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On Thursday, the city councilors adopted the Green Vision of Warsaw – an action plan for a green city and climate. PiS councilors abstained from the vote, as they believe that the project entails too high social costs.

The Green Vision of Warsaw presents scenarios of actions that should be implemented in order to meet Warsaw’s declaration of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40%. by 2030 and achieving the city’s climate neutrality by 2050.

– Scientists agree: we have one last chance to stop global warming. The capital is facing this challenge. As a city, we want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent. by 2030 and achieve climate neutrality by 2050. The Green Vision of Warsaw is a document that will clearly show us how to achieve these goals – says Rafał Trzaskowski, President of the Capital City of Warsaw, quoted in the release. of Warsaw and the chairman of the Environment and Climate Committee in the European Committee of the Regions.

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The project started two years ago

“The adoption of the Green Vision of Warsaw crowns a two-year project that began in 2020 with the accession of the capital to the Green Cities Development Program created by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Each participant declares in what perspective they want to achieve climate neutrality, and with the support of the EBRD, it identifies the most important environmental challenges and develops a sustainable development strategy.As a result, the so-called “road map” is created, which indicates what the city must do to achieve the reduction targets, the city hall informs in a communiqué. – “The effects of climate change are also being felt more and more in Poland – longer and longer heat waves and droughts, more frequent and more violent weather phenomena, decreasing water resources. Their consequence is growing material losses and worsening of the health of citizens, losses for the economy, a growing problem These problems are also present in cities, today around 60% of the Polish population live in them. At the same time, cities are responsible for around 70% of greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, it is crucial to reduce these emissions in cities, especially in order to stop further climate change. in the largest ones. The Polish capital meets these expectations.”

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The Green Vision of Warsaw describes 27 actions in six areas supporting the achievement of climate neutrality by 2050: energy infrastructure, buildings, spatial planning and blue-green infrastructure, transport, municipal waste, building social capital and integration. Among them are e.g. further development of communication infrastructure; investments in low- and zero-emission transport or subsidies for residents to renewable energy sources.

Implementation of these activities is also an additional benefit for the city and its inhabitants: better air quality and improved health of Varsovians, more green areas and greater biodiversity, better public transport and improved aesthetics of the city’s city officials.

How the Green Vision of Warsaw was created

The capital city hall explained that the Green Visa of Warsaw is a document that contains “tailor-made” solutions for the capital. It was created on the basis of specific indicators that allowed, among others, determine the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in Warsaw and make a detailed analysis of the city’s condition.

Green Warsaw, panorama of the Świętokrzyski bridgeWarsaw City Hall

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“All this thanks to the use of two world-renowned methodologies: the Green City Action Plan, developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Climate Action Plan, developed by the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group,” explains the town hall in the communiqué. “Many stakeholders were invited to create the Green Vision of Warsaw, including: representatives of the City of Warsaw, non-governmental organizations, universities, enterprises. Experts in various fields and residents of the capital also participated in the work. Varsovians could submit their comments to the document via via a virtual platform.

The project was financed by the EBRD, with additional financial support from the Taiwan Business Fund (EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund) and the Polish Ministry of Finance.

PiS councilors abstained from the vote

– We made such a decision because there are many questionable provisions in this document, which we do not want to support, although the very idea of ​​green Warsaw is close to us – Dariusz Figura, chairman of the Warsaw club of Law and Justice councilors, told PAP.

– The problem is that if we adopted this document, the city would be obliged to implement it regardless of the circumstances. Meanwhile, this “vision” carries high social costs – explains councilor Piotr Szyszko. He draws attention to, for example, the costs of thermal modernization that would be charged to private individuals or the high prices of clean electricity. – After all, we can strive to reduce emissions without this document, without having our hands tied – he adds. He does not believe in the city’s assurance that the “just in case” strategy will be corrected.

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Councilor Wiktor Klimiuk adds that the rulers of Warsaw willingly accept such projects, but it is worse with their implementation. – Cinderella was supposed to be liquidated last year, the announced planting of trees in the capital was not done either – he recalls.

Main photo source: TVN24

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