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Warsaw. The councilors gave a vote of confidence to Rafał Trzaskowski

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The Mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, won a vote of confidence with the votes of the majority of the Warsaw Council from the Citizens’ Committee. Opposition councilors from Law and Justice were against it. Before that, they had heard a report on the state of the city.

At Thursday’s session of the Warsaw Council, councilors listened to a report on the state of the city and gave a vote of confidence to the Mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski. 37 councilors voted in favour, 13 councilors from the opposition PiS club voted against. Three abstained from voting, one councilor did not vote.

Sławomir Potapowicz, the head of the Warsaw structures of Nowoczesna, spoke before the vote about the heroic attitude of Varsovians towards refugees from Ukraine, public transport and ecological investments of the city. He stressed that the club of KO councilors would be in favor of granting a vote of confidence to the mayor of Warsaw.

The vice-chairman of the PiS club, councilor Wiktor Klimiuk, pointed to the unfulfilled promises of Rafał Trzaskowski, among others. the city ring road, more subway lines, cut trees, lack of underground car parks, a tram to Zielona Białołęka and Gocław, or the unresolved problem with off-site apartments. Klimiuk also talked about the increasing number of vacancies, narrowing streets and taking away parking spaces. He asked the councilors to vote against giving the mayor of Warsaw a vote of confidence.

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Trzaskowski told about refugees from Ukraine

Earlier, Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski presented the councilors with a report on the state of the city. He spoke about the unprecedented situation related to the influx of refugees from Ukraine. – Over a million people passed through Warsaw then – said the mayor of Warsaw, adding that 70-80 percent of Varsovians joined in helping refugees. He noted that there are currently over 200,000 foreigners in the capital. The largest number are citizens of Ukraine and Belarus, but also Vietnam and Turkey.

– They found a home with us, and they work very hard and also build our prosperity – said Trzaskowski.

How is the budget shaped?

He reminded that Warsaw won the competition for the best holiday destination among European cities (European Best Destinations 2023). – We won the competition with cities such as Vienna, Athens and Copenhagen as a result of the vote, which was attended by 686,000 people from 178 countries – he added.

He emphasized that the state budget has increased by 109 percent since 2015, and the budget of Warsaw by 43 percent. – Warsaw’s budget should grow at the same pace – he added.

He also presented data showing that the loss in PIT due to legal changes in 2019-2023 amounted to PLN 8.6 billion. – Fortunately, this is not visible in Warsaw, because the city was well managed for so many years. But we are slowly reaching the wall.

Family program and investments

He also spoke about the “Family Warsaw” programme, which responds to the most pressing problems of modern society: social inequality, demographic crisis, the growing number and needs of the elderly, poverty, exclusion and disability.

– Almost 2,000 children were born thanks to the city’s in vitro funding program – he stressed.

He emphasized that at the moment there is indeed an accumulation of investments, but as he explained, this is related to the delays in tenders due to the pandemic and the desire to catch up with the redevelopment of the cross-city line by railway workers, carried out using the opencast method.

I understand the criticism, but I would like it to be constructive. So that it is based on real and not manipulated data – he stressed.

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Rafał Trzaskowski on the construction of Central SquareMateusz Szmelter/tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: TVN24

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