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Warsaw. The councilors passed spatial development plans for Śródmieście, Praga-Południe and Włochy district

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The Council of Warsaw has adopted three local spatial development plans. The new provisions apply to parts of Śródmieście, Praga-Południe and Włochy.

– We have new plans for part of Ściana Wschodnia, the area of ​​Traugutta Street and Podskarbińska Street. A well-planned city is one of our priorities. We prepare plans for areas in the center and those more distant from it. We treat all of them with attention to provide the residents with the best possible living and leisure conditions, said Marlena Happach, the city’s architect, quoted in the release.

Protection of greenery in Śródmieście

A spatial development plan for the area of ​​Ściana Wschodnia, i.e. the area of ​​Traugutta Street, has been developed. This is an important place in the capital. The complex of the Ministry of Finance, the main seat of the Academy of Fine Arts, the buildings of the University of Warsaw and the church of St. Holy Cross with Chopin’s heart. There is also a commercial development of the Sofitel hotel at Piłsudski Square, and there are residential buildings along Mazowiecka Street.

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“The provisions of the plan protect the existing spatial structure, regulate the arrangement of public spaces and define the parameters of the development. They also protect the greenery, which is scarce in this part of the city – Traugutt square and the historic park on the west side of the Czapski Palace” – explains the town hall in a communiqué.

Plan for the northern part of Praga-Południe

The new plan also applies to the area of ​​Podskarbińska Street. It is about 50 hectares in the quarter of the following streets: Siennicka, Chrzanowskiego, Dwernickiego and Wiatraczna. There are multi-family and single-family houses in this area. “Provisions in the plan will allow for the protection and development of important social functions for this region. It is about health clinics, social welfare homes and places of sports and recreation” – inform the officials. It was emphasized that greenery is also important, including “preserving and creating new pedestrian connections with rows of trees”. The plan indicates where public and generally accessible spaces, sports and recreation areas and roads are to be built.

As it was added, the areas of the former Scientific and Technical Printing House at 65 Mińska Street and the former “Orzeł” Sports Club are covered by separate planning procedures.

Residential buildings on the southern border of Warsaw

Another spatial development plan covers the area to the south-west of Chopin Airport, and more specifically, the southern area of ​​Załuski. It is 53 hectares between Legionów Piłsudskiego Avenue, Janka Muzykanta Street, and the border of Warsaw and the Raszyn commune. “Single-family housing is adjoined from the north by vast undeveloped areas with arable fields. The plan will allow for the development of single-family housing” – the town hall clarified.

The document also indicates areas for sports and recreation and defines the rules for building a transport system. It sets out new road connections and the location of the city square.

Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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