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Warsaw. The crows attacked the parrot. A resident of Żoliborz helped her

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An inhabitant of Żoliborz came across an unusual scene. On the lawn by the subway station, crows tried to chase away a parrot. The woman took care of the frightened exotic bird and then called the eco-patrol.

On Monday, after leaving the subway, a resident of Żoliborz noticed a “bird fight” on the lawn. Our native birds were clearly interested in something and “something” tried to chase it away. As the woman got closer, she saw what was causing the crows and other birds to be concerned. In the middle of the lawn sat a yellow and green parakeet that needed help. She didn’t run away and let me take care of her.

To the apartment, then to the zoo

A resident of Żoliborz took her to her apartment, fed and watered the unexpected guest. Calling the emergency number 986, she asked the city guard’s ecopatrol for help. – The guard and the guard who arrived at the site made a preliminary diagnosis. Fortunately, it turned out that the parakeet is not injured and there are no injuries. She ended her urban adventure in the “Bird Asylum” in the Warsaw zoo, where she was safely transported by ecopatrol officers, the city guard said in a statement.

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The budgerigar is ringed, which should help identify the owner.

The found parakeet belongs to the species Agapornis – a genus of small, colorfully feathered birds from the subfamily of ladies (Loriinae) within the family of eastern parrots (Psittaculidae). In Polish, they are referred to as lovebirds or lovebirds. Lovebirds are often found in breeding as pets.

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Main photo source: Warsaw Municipal Police

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