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Warsaw. The cultural park of the Historic Center of Warsaw will be assessed by the residents. The resolution has already been approved by the conservator

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Work on the cultural park of the Historic Center of Warsaw is entering a key stage. The Mazowieckie voivodeship monuments conservator gave a positive opinion on our draft resolution creating the park, the office of the capital monuments conservator reported.

“With a fresh opinion in hand, we will prepare for the public presentation of the project. We are extremely curious to see how Varsovians and Varsovians will evaluate the solutions protecting the landscape of the historic center” – we read on Facebook.

As it was emphasized, the Warsaw monuments conservator engaged a group of city experts to work on the draft resolution: art historians, architects, specialists in urban greenery, lawyers and land managers.

It is to prevent spatial chaos and illegal advertising

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As Renata Kaznowska, the deputy mayor of Warsaw, announced at the end of March, cultural park is “a tool that will prevent spatial chaos, illegal advertisements and shoddy street stands”. The historic center of Warsaw is to include the Old and New Towns, the Royal Route, the area from the Krasiński Gardens to the Saski Gardens and the parks located below the Escarpment, including Łazienki Park. “It is extremely important that these representative places are protected,” she said.

The town hall also reminded that the cultural park organizes matters related to the aesthetics of the façade, the protection of original architectural details and historic woodwork. It also regulates the rules for placing technical devices. He devotes a lot of attention to the protection of trees and urban green areas.

The regulations on advertising media are a simplified version of the landscape resolution. For the Old and New Towns, it introduces a few additional rules adjusting advertisements to the scale and specificity of the Old Town.

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Draft for public viewing, late vote by councillors

The finished draft resolution has been waiting for the opinion of the Mazowieckie Voivodship Conservator of Monuments since last year. Now, after obtaining it, it will be put on public display. The third and final step will be the vote of city councilors on the resolution establishing the cultural park of the Historic Center of Warsaw.

The planned cultural park of the Historic Center of Warsaw Warsaw City Hall

Later, the resolution voted by city councilors will become local law, and therefore it will apply to all owners, holders and tenants of real estate. There will be no need to obtain additional conservation permits, administrative arrangements or other official formalities. The self-government managing the park popularizes and controls compliance with its rules, and also advises. A few additional rules will be introduced for the Old and New Towns, adapting the advertisements to the scale and specificity of the Old Town.

41 parks in Poland, one in Warsaw

There are 41 cultural parks in Poland. There is only one in Warsaw so far – the Wilanów Cultural Park.

“The values ​​that have been decided to be protected by law are diverse (from natural values, through architecture, to brand building). The Park of the Historic Center of Warsaw will follow in the footsteps of Krakow, Wrocław and Poznań, which prevent the negative effects of intensive tourist traffic and advertising and aesthetic chaos in the areas old town,” the statement reads.

A cultural park as a form of monument protection is established by a resolution of the commune council referred to in Art. 16 sec. 1 of the Act of 23 July 2003 on the protection and care of monuments, is dedicated to the protection of the cultural landscape and the preservation of distinctive landscape areas with immovable monuments characteristic of the local building and settlement tradition. In addition, the establishment of a cultural park in a given area requires the area to be included in the local plan and a protection plan to be drawn up. It is worth noting that the Act on the Protection and Care of Monuments provides that a cultural landscape may be considered an immovable monument and as such be subject to protection and care, regardless of its state of preservation.

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