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Warsaw. The dealer sold mephedrone to a teenager

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Police officers from Śródmieście detained a 26-year-old man suspected of “giving a minor drugs.” The teenager allegedly bought mephedrone from him. At first he paid with money. When they ran out, he brought the items he had taken from home to the dealer.

According to Robert Szumiata from the Warsaw I District Police Headquarters, the police detained a man who had been selling mephedrone to a 15-year-old for at least seven months.

– According to the police, the boy always paid for the purchased goods in cash. However, the last time he ran out of money, the dealer demanded something in return, some branded shoes or other valuable items. So the 15-year-old took a wireless speaker and a power bank out of the house and added his new sports shoes that his parents bought him. In exchange for items worth over PLN 1,600, he received eight grams of mephedrone from the dealer, Szumiata reported.

Detention of a man who sold mephedrone to a 15-year-oldKRP I

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The officers located the 26-year-old man and entered his apartment. – During the search, they not only found items that the boy had brought to the man, but also a significant amount of drugs. Nearly 40 grams of mephedrone, amphetamine and a jewelry scale used for portioning drugs were hidden in the refrigerator – said the spokesman for the downtown police.

He added that the man had already heard the charges to which he confessed. – For providing narcotics to a minor and possessing a significant amount of drugs, the detained 26-year-old now faces up to 10 years in prison – summed up Szumiata.

Main photo source: KRP I

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