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Warsaw. The deputy mayor of Praga Południe, Adam C., remains in custody

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By the court’s decision, Adam C., deputy mayor of Praga Południe, suspected of corruption, will remain in custody until January 7, 2024. The prosecutor’s office requested this. Previously, C. was charged with corruption.

– The court accepted the prosecutor’s request regarding the temporary arrest of the former deputy mayor of Praga-Południe, Adam C., and extended it until January 7 – said the spokeswoman of the Warsaw-Praga District Prosecutor’s Office, Prosecutor Katarzyna Skrzeczkowska.

In July 2023 officers of the Warsaw branch of the CBA detained Adam C., former deputy mayor of Praga-Południe, and Jacek G., head of the architecture and construction department at the Praga-Południe district office.

This is an investigation into corruption crimes. In addition to two officials, two entrepreneurs were also detained.

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What do investigators accuse him of?

“Detained Adam C., deputy mayor of Praga-Południe, as part of his business activity, accepted and entered in the company’s books and used in the submitted declarations an invoice certifying a false amount of PLN 492,000, which exposed the State Treasury to losses due to VAT” – she informed Warsaw-Praga District Prosecutor’s Office.

She also stated that the investigation established that Adam C. conducted his professional activity contrary to the statutory prohibition.

The prosecutor’s office added that, in addition, while working with another developer, he provided a personal benefit in the form of employment as the head of the architecture and construction department of the Praga-Południe district office to an official of the Rembertów district, Jan G., in exchange for issuing a building permit and approving a construction design in violation of the provisions of procedural law, i.e. without notifying the persons who are parties to the proceedings about the issuance of these decisions.

Greater return on investment

The deputy mayor and another developer were interested in obtaining a building permit on favorable terms, which allowed them to achieve a higher profit from the planned investment. “Fearing that the owners of neighboring plots could block such a process, they decided to influence the official by making a corruption proposal to make him issue a decision without notifying the parties. Moreover, Adam C. provided a friendly entrepreneur with information that he had due to his official duties regarding the properties located in the city’s control, for which there was no factual or legal basis. In this way, he exceeded his powers as a public official,” the prosecutor’s office explained.

Two more entrepreneurs were detained in the case.

The detainees were brought to the Warsaw Praga District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw, where they were charged with, among others, active and passive corruption, providing untruths in the declaration of assets, exceeding the powers of a public official and issuing and using an unreliable invoice.

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Main photo source: Szymon Pulcyn/PAP

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