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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Warsaw. The deputy spokesman for the Commissioner for Human Rights writes to the rector of the Medical University of Warsaw. It’s about a student with an anti-Semitic banner

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At a pro-Palestinian march that took place on October 21, a student of the Medical University of Warsaw carried an anti-Semitic banner. The Deputy Ombudsman, Stanisław Trociuk, asked the university’s rector what actions were taken in connection with the student’s behavior.

A Norwegian woman carried a banner with an anti-Semitic slogan during a march in support of Palestine.

The Deputy Commissioner for Human Rights drew attention to the announcement that appeared on the WUM website on October 25. It indicates the academic values ​​that the university tries to convey to students. “It was noted that ‘any violation of these rules will be treated very seriously by the University and immediately referred to the Disciplinary Ombudsman for Students and Doctoral Students of the Medical University of Warsaw, who will conduct internal disciplinary proceedings in accordance with applicable regulations. We would like to inform you that such actions have already been taken against some students taken'” – we read on the website of the Commissioner for Human Rights.

The deputy Commissioner for Human Rights wants to know whether explanatory proceedings have been initiated against the student. “Moreover, taking into account the media reports – according to which ‘the WUM authorities were notified by Jewish students about their concern and sense of threat in connection with the existing anti-Semitic sentiments at the University,’ but this notification was not met with an appropriate response – Stanisław Trociuk asks for position also in this regard,” added the letter to the Rector of the Medical University of Warsaw.

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The police and prosecutor’s office became interested in the banner

A march in support of Palestine took place through the streets of Warsaw on Saturday, October 21. There were Palestinian flags and numerous banners with slogans: “Stop the genocide of the Palestinians”, “Free Palestine”, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”. Particular outrage was caused by a banner with the words “keep the world clean” and a drawn garbage bin with a symbolic Israeli flag inside.

The police and prosecutor’s office became interested in the latter banner. The prosecutor’s office is to assess whether the student who carried the banner committed a crime. – From the moment the materials are transferred, the prosecutor has 30 days to make a decision by initiating proceedings in the case or refusing to initiate proceedings. It may also order the police to carry out verification activities, for example securing monitoring or questioning people participating in the assembly – Szymon Banna, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw, explained to us on Monday, October 23.

The student was called to the dean

It turned out that the woman carrying the banner was Norwegian and a student of the Medical University of Warsaw. As the university spokeswoman told us at the time, the student was summoned to provide explanations to the dean.

Anna Rubaj, spokeswoman for the Medical University of Warsaw, explained that if there is a suspicion that the case constitutes a disciplinary offense, the university conducts disciplinary proceedings, which include referring the case to the Disciplinary Ombudsman for Students and Doctoral Students of the Medical University of Warsaw or to the disciplinary committee later.

What is a disciplinary offense? It is a “violation of the regulations in force at the university and an act violating the student’s dignity. As is commonly known, each student vows to, among other things, act in accordance with the principles of ethics, treat with respect all members of the university community, respect academic laws and customs, and take care of the dignity of and honor of a student of the Medical University of Warsaw. He acquires full rights and obligations during matriculation. If he does not respect them, this is the basis for initiating disciplinary proceedings,” Anna Rubaj explained then in an e-mail.

Main photo source: PAP/Radek Pietruszka

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