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Warsaw. The developer wants to squeeze a high block into an existing housing estate in Muranów. Opposing communities

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Near a protected avenue of trees, between low buildings, with not easy access. Despite all these obstacles, developers have been hunting for this place for years. One of them has finally succeeded and intends to squeeze a six-storey block into the backyard of Muranów. The city has already given permission, but four housing associations have appealed against the decision.

The block is to be built in the square of Anielewicza, Zamenhoffa, Pawia and Karmelicka streets. The square is surrounded by four blocks from the 1950s, typical of Muranów – three-story buildings, surrounded by greenery. It is also a historically marked area. Part of it was within the boundaries of the Warsaw Ghetto.

As Katarzyna Kosmala from the Anielewicza 9 Housing Community recalls in an interview with tvnwarszawa.pl, several dozen years ago there was a playground with benches between the blocks. Neighbors would meet there and children would play. In the 1990s the plot was sold. The area was gradually stripped of benches and trees. Not cleared of snow, not cleaned, it became more and more neglected. Kosmala adds that for about two years, the square has been fenced with a tin fence.

For now, nothing is happening there, but that may soon change. The investor has obtained a building permit.

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A new block in Muranów is to be built in this placeGoogle Maps

Construction of a block of flats near the alley of old trees

A representative of a housing community tells us that issuing a permit for an investment in this place is an incomprehensible decision for the residents of nearby blocks of flats.

– We have a historic avenue of trees that stretches from Zamenhoff Street to Karmelicka Street. Theoretically, in the development conditions, the Environmental Protection Office stipulated that the investor must move away from the trees with the construction. However, there is an idea to drive to the property with some bridges, which are to be anchored one and a half meters on the roots of these trees – indicates Kosmala. And he thinks it’s a “bizarre” solution.

The square was surrounded by a tin fenceMateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

In December, a meeting of community representatives with the developer was held. – We only took up the topic of the environment and infrastructure. When we asked questions, we only heard that “everything is in the design stage” and “we will see” – describes our interlocutor.

Residents have more reason to worry. Kosmala points out that the construction may have major consequences for the four existing buildings. – The area of ​​Muranów is the area of ​​the former Warsaw Ghetto, there are floors filled in, even one and a half meters down. When they start digging, and our buildings stand on such “strange” ground, we are afraid that they will start to settle down – the resident is worried.

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The building is to be taller than the existing blocks

He also mentions another problem: – They will put in a building that has 5-6 above-ground and two underground floors. Our apartments, which are on the side of Pawia street, will be completely darkened.

Parking will also be an issue. Kosmala says that the developer himself admitted that there would not be enough parking spaces for residents in the underground garage. – It will take some of the surface, and you know how it is in the center with parking. The more so that from Pawia Street, through the bridges they plan to build, there will be an entrance to the property on one side and an exit on the other. As a result, they will have to take away the existing parking spaces, he notes.

There is also the issue of a garbage can used by two communities. “They want to move it, but they won’t say where or how.” When we ask them directly where the gazebo will be, we get very evasive answers – Kosmal spreads his hands.

Trucks will drive right under the windows?

But this is not the end of potential problems. According to our interlocutor, access to the construction site, which will probably run between the buildings of Anielewicza 7 and 9, is “very problematic”.

– It’s a narrow alley that has the name “dumpster reach”. And this is to be an access road to the construction site, and then a fire road to this property. Only that it runs literally 40 centimeters from Anielewicza 9, from the retaining wall. On the other side to Anielewicza 7, there is also maybe 2.5 meters to the top of the building. It is such a narrow street that even a garbage truck has a problem with access, let alone a truck transporting tons of earth or concrete – he describes.

He also adds that a few years ago, when the developer proposed such a solution, the communities protested at the Faculty of Architecture. At that time, the residents were right that the road was not suitable for access.

Possible access to the construction site Mateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

It also turns out that this is not the first building permit issued for this area. – I’m scared. I understand that someone has bought land, has land, wants to build something and submits a building permit, and that the office must consider it. It would be logical that the office checked: there are trees here, there is no road and it does not issue a decision. And now, in six months, you can apply for a permit again and the whole procedure is in motion again. None of the conditions surrounding this square have changed. The next arrangements are again a burden for everyone, because we will appeal the decision. One instance, the other, and we’ve been pushing each other for 20 years, regrets Kosmala.

He also points out that recognizing the avenue of trees as a natural monument “is really a great social work of people from the area.” – To save these trees somehow and to be under the supervision of the conservator, tended, tied up – he describes.

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The Architecture Office gave permission, the communities are appealing

In the capital’s town hall, we asked how it was possible that the developer obtained permission to build a block of flats, despite all the obstacles described. We got a very general answer from the Office of Architecture and Spatial Planning, which was given to us by Artur Szklarczyk from the capital city hall. It indicated that in February 2019, in the Śródmieście district, a decision on development conditions was issued for the plot at Pawia Street.

“On its basis, the investor received a building permit decision in the Śródmieście District on October 18, 2022. As a result of the appeal of the Housing Community of Anielewicza 9, 7, Pawia 4, Zamenhofa 7 – the case files were sent to the Mazowieckie Voivode (on December 2, 2022)” – we read in the reply.

It was further indicated that the plot is located in an area where the local plan is not in force, although the works are in progress and are nearing completion: “On the plot in question, in accordance with the draft plan, there is a possibility of building in its central part (about 1/3 of its area) The rest are green courtyards, where development is not possible. The project also includes information about a natural monument, which is a row of Christmas trees growing along Pawia Street.

Three applications from three different applicants

We also asked the district about the matter. “In recent years, the local Department of Architecture and Construction has received applications from three different applicants for a decision on the development conditions for the above-mentioned plot. Several decisions have been issued” – we read in the reply of Rafał Krasuski, vice-mayor of Śródmieście. According to the official, this is in accordance with the ministerial regulation. Krasuski reminded that if there is no adopted spatial development plan, “in relation to the same area, a decision on development conditions may be issued to more than one applicant”.

And what does the access road look like from the office’s perspective? According to the deputy mayor, the plot has access to a public road, “otherwise the applicant would not have obtained a building permit”. “Access to the designed building has been provided from Pawia Street. The technical road, the so-called fire road, has been designed from Anielewicza Street” – he pointed out. He argued that the issue of communication services had not changed and from the beginning it was planned from the side of Pawia Street (and not from Anielewicza Street as suggested by the communities).

He also assured us that the design on the basis of which the building permit was issued complies with the provisions of the decision on building conditions of February 26, 2019. “Due to the protection of the lane of yarrow-trees, the project was subject to the opinion of the Environmental Protection Bureau and received a positive opinion” – he concluded.

Developer: investment “at a very start-up level”

We also contacted the investor, Vinci Immobilier Polska, which boasts several investments on its website, including in Mokotów, Ochota, Śródmieście and Włochy. Although it already has building permits, and thus a detailed design, we only heard that “everything is at a very start-up level for now”. After re-contacting, we were told that information on currently implemented and sold projects can be found on the website. “When it comes to planned investments, we are covered by a confidentiality clause” – said Marta Wójcik, marketing, PR and social media manager at Vinci Immobilier. But she assured that she would “return to us with information as soon as she received the green light from the legal department.”

We were also unable to get the project from the district office. – The building design is an attachment to the building permit. Its volume is considerable, it has been submitted in paper form and may contain personal data. I’m afraid that this is not a document that can be easily made available in whole or in part – Paweł Siedlecki, spokesman for the City Hall, responded to the request for access to the project.

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

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