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Warsaw. The driver stopped to let the pedestrian pass. The policemen went on. Recording from Bemowo

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The pedestrian is approaching the crossing. One of the drivers stops to give way to her. Meanwhile, a police car is coming from the opposite direction. The police, however, do not slow down and enter the lanes when the woman is just at the edge of the sidewalk. A video of the incident has gone viral online.

It was published on Thursday on the Twitter profile of Bandyta z cam, whose author stigmatizes people who act in breach of traffic regulations. The situation was recorded by a driver driving down Galla Anonima Street in Bemowo. At one point, he stopped in front of a pedestrian crossing because a pedestrian was approaching him, walking along the sidewalk on the left side of the road.

The driver gave way to her, but the woman refrained from entering the lanes at the last moment, because a police car came from the opposite direction. The policemen did not stop before crossing, although the woman was already on the edge of the pavement. The video does not show that the police car has its lights on, nor can you hear the sound signals of the emergency vehicle.

TVN24 journalists asked the Capital Police Headquarters on Friday morning to refer to the content of the recording. So far we have not received a reply.

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The new regulations on crossings have been in force for a year and a half

At the beginning of June 2021, new regulations entered into force, increasing the protection of pedestrians at road crossings and bicycle paths. They have priority over vehicles not only when they are already in the lanes, but also when entering them. The new rules do not only apply to track crossings. Here the tram still has priority.

The Ministry of Infrastructure explained that the new regulations oblige drivers to carefully observe not only the pedestrian crossing itself, but also its surroundings. They are obliged to create the possibility of safe crossing of the road for people on the crossing and those who are just entering it.

Safer at pedestrian crossingsPAP

Main photo source: Twitter / Bandit with a webcam

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