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Warsaw. The drunk father “looked after” the little boys. He went to the hospital

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City guards tried to identify a drunk man in a forest at Wilgi Street in Wawer. The 35-year-old drank alcohol all the time, he had two small boys under his care. The man’s condition became so serious that he was hospitalized.

Last Friday, city guards controlled the Wawer area. “Just after 6 p.m., a resident approached the patrol, who informed them that there was a drunk man with two children in the nearby forest, and in addition he was drinking alcohol all the time,” the city guard said in a statement.

When the guard and the female guard approached the man, he was just finishing a bottle of beer. “When he saw the guards, he reacted nervously and did not want to answer the questions asked. At one point he attacked the guard,” we read in the message. The officers used direct coercive measures and called a police patrol to the site.

“He required hospitalization”

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It turned out that the children in the care of the drunk man were 8 and 9 years old. According to the city guard, even they asked the man to calm down, but his aggression did not decrease. The guards took care of the boys and contacted their mother, informing them about the whole incident. A nervous woman appeared on the spot after 15 minutes.

A police patrol had also arrived ahead of her. Police officers tried to test the man for alcohol content, but to no avail. The boys were handed over by the police to their mother, and the intoxicated 35-year-old was detained and taken to the police station. “His intoxication was growing, so the officers called an ambulance. Rescuers found that the man required hospitalization. After recovering, he would meet the police again,” the city guard added.

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Main photo source: Warsaw Municipal Police

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