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Warsaw. The elderly woman was walking along the highway. A cyclist noticed her

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A cyclist noticed the dangerous situation. It was about a senior who was walking in a place where pedestrian traffic is prohibited, i.e. along the side of the S8 expressway. The city police intervened.

In the late afternoon of July 19, city rangers received an alarming call. A cyclist drove up to the officers, who informed them that a woman was walking nearby, on the side of the expressway. This posed a threat not only to her, but also to other road users who, trying to avoid her, could cause an accident. The guards intervened.

The officers found the woman near the exit at Lazurowa Street. – The 80-year-old told the guards that she was driving a car that ran out of gas. So she left the vehicle on the side of the road “about a kilometer earlier” and decided to go for help, the city guard said in a statement.

The old woman had the car keys with her. The woman looked generally lost. At one point, she said she was cold and weak, they added to the uniform. So the guards wrapped the woman in a thermal blanket and called an ambulance and a police patrol, who were informed about the abandoned car. An ambulance took the elderly woman to the hospital.

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The event took place in Góra Kalwaria KPP in Piaseczno

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