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Warsaw. The excavator operator hit the gantry, a damaged gas pipe on Łopuszańska

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On Friday evening, an excavator operator hit a gantry over the road of Łopuszańska Street. As a result of this collision, the structure’s pillar damaged the pipe. There has been a gas leak. The road was closed in both directions.

tvnwarszawa.pl reporter Tomasz Zieliński determined that the incident took place near the intersection of Łopuszańska and Flisa

– The vehicle damaged a gantry above the road. The gate tower stood on two legs embedded in the foundations. When the impact occurred, the concrete structures in the ground shifted. One of them hit a gas pipe running nearby. Unfortunately, it broke. Now the pipe needs to be unearthed, the clamps installed, and then the gantry erected – our reporter reported.

Gas is leaking from a broken pipe

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The fire brigade, police, gas and energy emergency services are on site. – Fire brigades arrived with heavy technical vehicles equipped with cranes. They will have to deal with the gatehouse. The operation may take several hours, Tomasz Zieliński assessed.

As confirmed to us by Mariusz Hantulski from the Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Warsaw, the pillar of the gantry structure, on which the signposts are hung, damaged the pipe with gas. – There has been a leak. The gas company is working on stopping it. It was necessary to turn off traffic on Łopuszańska Street, said the firefighter.

The gatehouse is in danger of collapsing, which is why Łopuszańska Street has been closed to traffic in both directions: from Orzechowa on one side and from Aleja Krakowska on the other. – The police are directing diversions, Zieliński said.

As Rafał Rutkowski from the Warsaw Police Headquarters told us, the gantry was damaged by the operator of a construction machine that was used for earthworks nearby.

Two bus lines on detours

Difficulties also affected public transport passengers.

“Due to the blocked passage (gas failure) in the area of ​​Łopuszańska street, there are difficulties in running the line 189 and 401. Possible delays in courses and redirecting the line to detour routes” – reported the Public Transport Authority. Buses bypass the stops: Łopuszańska 03, WKD Raków 01, WKD Raków 02, Przedpole 01, Przedpole 02, Orzechowa 01, Orzechowa 02, Hynka 06.

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Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński/tvnwarszawa.pl

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