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Warsaw. The exhibition “Mom, I don’t want war !!!”

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On Tuesday, in front of the Staszic Palace in Warsaw, an exhibition entitled “Mum, I don’t want war !!! Polish-Ukrainian archival project” will open. Drawings of Polish children from 1946, which were a record of their experiences during World War II, and contemporary drawings of Ukrainian children, will be shown.

“As part of the exhibition, we will present historical drawings of Polish children from 1946, which are a record of their experiences during World War II and the German occupation 1939-45, kept in the Archives of Modern Records in Warsaw, in the team of the Ministry of Education from 1945-66, and contemporary children’s drawings. Ukraine, related to the war currently taking place in Ukraine, collected on the website Mom I see war “- it was written in the information sent to PAP.

“The similarity of historical and contemporary works is shocking”

It was pointed out that “the similarity of historical and contemporary works is shocking, and the war from the perspective of a child is always the same”. “Children draw tanks, planes dropping bombs, fires and explosions. They draw the wounded and the dead, ruined houses, graves. They draw themselves and their family, they draw evacuation and escape” – explained.

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“By combining images and words into thematic groups: fight, occupation, family, repression, resistance, destruction, hope-victory, we want to emphasize the fact that the scenarios of partition wars are similar to each other” – wrote the organizers of the exhibition.

Video of a girl pushing a pram. “Two hours later, the same cart will appear in the scary photo.”

Over seven thousand drawings in the Archives of New Files

Currently, the Archives of New Files (AAN) in Warsaw contain over seven thousand drawings. “Most of them are works on the subject of war created for the needs of research initiated by the pedagogical community in the first years after the war and in response to a competition announced in 1946 in the Przekrój weekly” – explained.

A drawing by Słowik, a Polish student from 1946Archives of New Files

“War is always pain, suffering and loss. But the most vulnerable during war are children. War deprives them of a happy childhood, and sometimes life! (…) Children see war without ornaments – enemy rockets destroy schools, kindergartens and hospitals in front of them. , houses. They see their relatives and friends die “- we read in the information about the exhibition.

A drawing by Marichka, an 8-year-old student from Lviv, from 2022portal “Mom I see war”

“The variety of children’s emotions, which are reflected in the drawings: from fear and despair to hope and faith in victory, testifies to one thing – children should not suffer because of war, they deserve happiness and love” – ​​it was written.

Not only in Warsaw

It was emphasized that the “Mom I see war” project was initiated to show the war through the eyes of the children of Ukraine and once again draw the attention of the world community to the brutal invasion of the Russian invader. “This project combined over 10,000 children’s drawings about war and peace in Ukraine. It was created to capture what children experience during the war in their country and show the whole world how strong Little Ukrainians are” – it was written.

Exhibition opening – July 19 at 12 in front of the Staszic Palace in Warsaw.

The exhibition “Mom, I don’t want war !!! Polish-Ukrainian Archive Project” is carried out by the entire network of the State Archives, and thanks to this, the exhibition in the form of a board will be presented in many cities in Poland.

Main photo source: Archives of New Files

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