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Warsaw. The fan entered the canal. The police pulled him out

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Police officers securing the Legia match saved a man who had entered a canal near the stadium. The 33-year-old, extremely cold and weak, was taken to hospital.

The incident occurred during Thursday’s match between Legia Warszawa and AZ Alkmaar as part of the European Conference League competition.

– At one point, at the height of the southern stand, the police officers of the Police Prevention Unit who were securing the match noticed a person waving his hands at them and calling for help. They immediately moved towards the canal and, using transport belts, which they connected into a rescue rope, helped the man get to the shore – describes Edyta Adamus from the Warsaw Police Headquarters.

The police saved a man who fell into the canalKSP

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Immersed up to his neck in mud

The man was weak and cold, but he managed to grab the rope and tie himself with it. – Then the police quickly and decisively pulled the man out of the mud in which he was immersed up to his neck – says Adamus.

The 33-year-old was in mortal danger. On Thursday, the outside temperature was around 0 degrees. – Immediately after pulling him out of the water, the police took off the man’s wet clothes and covered him with a thermal blanket. As it turned out, the 33-year-old was completely cold, soaked, lost feeling in his arms and legs and felt bad, the policewoman reports.

The man was taken to hospital. In a conversation with the police, he admitted that he wanted to take a shortcut to the stadium and mistook the frozen canal for wet asphalt.

The police saved a man who fell into the canalKSP

Main photo source: KSP

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