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Warsaw. The fight against plastic in the capital. Senior women sew ecological bags from curtains

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Officials from Warsaw placed old wardrobes in the markets and new nets for vegetables and fruit in the wardrobes for anyone interested. The city wants customers not to pack goods in plastic bags, but into reusable ones. The fight against plastic continues on an increasingly larger scale. In other cities, bottle dispensers are being built, and in supermarkets you have to pay for the so-called skipping. Material by Łukasz Wieczorek from the “Polska i Świat” magazine TVN24.

Mrs. Zofia, Jadwiga and their friends took off the curtains from the windows. Seniors from Bielana replaced window curtains with bags. – A square is cut out of the curtain. We sew it, thread a string and tie it. When we go to the store with a bag, we don’t have to take plastic bags, says Zofia Flisek from the Bielański Senior Support Center “Senior+”.

Over 500 such bags have already been created. They were placed in wardrobes located in three markets. – It’s not really about just taking the bag. The point is to talk and think about your daily habits – comments Karolina Zdrodowska from the capital city hall.

During designated hours, anyone can take a bag for free. The idea is that customers should put fruit and vegetables in it, not in plastic bags.

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Break up with “snaps”

Warsaw residents produce 800,000 tons of garbage annually. – We could fill the National Stadium six times with this garbage – Zdrodowska specifies.

The city wants people to produce less waste, including plastic, hence this pilot action. A bag made by seniors from Bielany can serve for a very long time. Just wash it from time to time.

Supermarkets also want to break the tradition of using “snatching”. They encourage the use of paper and reusable bags. Some stores have even introduced a fee for such foils – 25 cents. If the customer puts socks in them instead of apples. – I see fear in my eyes when I say that I will have to pay for the foil – admits Marek, a seller at the market. He also intends to stop selling disposable bags.

The fight against the flood of foil continues on various fronts. For example, bottle dispensers were installed in Opole. Whoever throws a bottle or can into them also financially supports, among other things, an animal shelter.

The use of plastic bags is gradually decreasing

Across the country, for six years, stores have no longer been able to give away thicker plastic bags. You have to pay for them. Customers buy much less of them now. Data from the Ministry of Climate and Environment show that before 2018, approximately 300 such bags were used per person. In 2021, it was 43 pieces per person.

– This number is gradually decreasing due to changing social awareness. If we asked people shopping 10 years ago how and how much they use disposable bags and how they do it today, it would be two completely different stories – says Hubert Różyk, spokesman for the ministry.

Main photo source: TVN24

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