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Warsaw. The first driver lost his rules thanks to the new regulations

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In Warsaw's Białołęka district, a driver hit a lamppost. A breathalyzer test showed he had more than two per mille of alcohol in his exhaled air. In accordance with the new regulations, his car was confiscated and towed to a police parking lot.

On Friday morning, police were called to the intersection of Łabiszyńska and Toruńska streets. At the scene, they found the driver of the Skoda, who crashed the car, hitting a traffic light pole and a barrier. The police detected a strong odor of alcohol coming from him. The man admitted that he had drunk it the day before.

– The officers tested the 40-year-old with a breathalyzer. The test showed more than two per mille of alcohol in the air he exhaled. The police detained the man, and the witness of the incident received a summons for questioning, said Commissioner Paulina Onyszko from the Targówek police station.

Driver to the police station, car to the parking lot

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The police, acting on the basis of new regulations, secured the Skoda in the police parking lot as a future penalty. Then they took the drunk driver to the police station at Chodecka Street.

Commissioner Onyszko explained that investigators would continue to investigate the 40-year-old's case. – The man will not avoid responsibility because he committed a crime by driving under the influence of alcohol – he added.

The first drunk driver in the capital lost his carKRP VI

Car confiscation – new regulations

On Thursday, regulations allowing the confiscation of cars came into force among others drunk drivers. According to them, every drunk driver who has at least 1.5 per mille of alcohol in his blood will lose his car, regardless of whether he caused a road accident. Car forfeiture is also to be applied when the driver causes an accident with a blood alcohol content above the permille or in a situation of recidivism.

According to the applicable regulations, the forfeiture of the vehicle is obligatory, among others: in the event that the perpetrator of a catastrophe or accident resulting in death or serious bodily injury was intoxicated and the alcohol content in his body was higher than 1 per mille.

The court may refrain from ordering the forfeiture of the vehicle only in cases justified by special circumstances

Main photo source: KRP VI

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