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Warsaw. The forester’s lodge in the Kabacki Forest has been renovated. The Nature and Forest Education Center will operate there

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The 19th-century forester’s lodge in Las Kabacki has undergone a thorough renovation. Many original elements have been preserved, and polychromes were discovered during the works, which were secured and will soon be renovated. The effects will be visible in the fall. Then the Center for Nature and Forest Education of Urban Forests will start operating in the building.

The renovation of the historic forester’s lodge at Rydzowa Street was completed within the set deadline. – We thoroughly renovated the forester’s lodge, although it was not easy. I often visited this place and today it is unrecognizable – said President Rafał Trzaskowski quoted in the communiqué. – As we announced, after 18 months the renovation was completed, but during the work we discovered old polychromes, now it’s time to recreate them. It is very important that it will be part of an educational center that teaches children how the forest works, he added.

You will be able to visit the renovated forester’s lodge in autumn. Then the Center for Nature and Forest Education of Urban Forests – Warsaw will start its activity in the building. The cost of the investment carried out by the Warsaw City Development Board is PLN 2.2 million. The contractor of the works is Good Wood Szymon Jaraczewski.

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The floor gives the interior uniqueness

Part of the original structure, layout of rooms and their equipment have been preserved in the building. This includes doors with forged hinges, handles and original mechanisms, windows, heating stoves and a kitchen stove. The wooden floor, which gives the interior uniqueness, has also returned to its former glory.

The works included i.a. securing the building, its fumigation and removal of biological hazards. The brick extension was demolished. Some of the wooden beams from which the walls were built had to be replaced with new ones. The following installations were also installed in the forester’s lodge: sanitary, electrical and teletechnical.

The roof structure was also strengthened, with a larch shingle covering. This type of roof covered the building until 1967, when the shingle was replaced with eternit. The attic was re-painted.

Changes also took place outside the building. – Architectural details such as decorative wooden corners, window bands, shutters and external doors have returned to the renovated façade. The woodwork was restored to its original colors. The area surrounding the forester’s lodge has been newly fenced and enriched with additional greenery.

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Painted decorations were discovered

During the renovation works inside the forester’s lodge, original paintings of the walls and ceilings were found. On the elements of the wooden structure of the building: walls, beams and plaster applied to reeds, a geometric painting decoration was discovered in the form of colorful stripes and lines of various thicknesses, dominated by red and blue.

In one of the rooms on the ceiling there is a painting decoration in the form of a rosette, consisting of colorful circles of different thickness. “Due to the need to replace the wooden structure of the building, it was not possible to preserve the entire painting decoration. The fragments that were saved will be restored and displayed in the form of the so-called witnesses, i.e. fragments of the originals will be secured. The rest of the polychrome will be faithfully reproduced” – it was explained.

The course of these works, as so far over the renovation of the forester’s lodge, will be supervised by the Office of the Capital Conservator of Monuments. This will not be the only example of preserving the original elements. After conservation, antique furniture will also return to the forester’s lodge.

Foresters lived in a building from the 19th century

The forester’s lodge was established in the second half of the 19th century. The building is an example of well-preserved and untransformed wooden architecture related to forestry. For nearly 130 years, the facility was inhabited by foresters who took care of the forest stand of the Kabacki Forest.

The building was erected in a log construction and covered with a gable roof – a variation of a gable roof with cut corners. The outer walls were clad with horizontal boards, which were decoratively placed on the corners of the building. The internal walls – part of the wooden structure, with brick fire walls – have been plastered.

The usable area of ​​the ground floor is about 130 square meters, while the available attic area is another 75 square meters.

Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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