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Warsaw. The fountain in the Saxon Garden is not tilted at all, but it requires conservation work

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Geodetic studies carried out in the Saxon Garden have shown that the fountain, which has been inactive since September last year, is not tilted. However, the fountain will remain off as it needs to undergo maintenance work.

About problems with the fountain in the Saxon Garden for the first time we reported at the end of August last year. Then the water from the cup poured out unevenly. The Greenery Management carried out an inspection, after which it was found that one of the elements is skewed. The fountain has been turned off.

The method of carrying out the repair work was to be discussed with the monument conservator. Initially, the Greenery Board announced that the fountain would be launched in the fall. However, that did not happen. The water fountain was also not launched in the spring of this year.

The fountain needs maintenance

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Recently, however, it turned out that none of the elements of the fountain is tilted. “Thanks to the detailed geodetic (tachymetric) research, it was found that the 168-year-old Great Fountain in the Saxon Garden was not tilted. The greater flow of water to one side of the side is mainly the result of the force of the wind affecting the water mirror in the bowl” – informed the Warsaw Conservator’s Office in a communiqué Monuments.

So why is the fountain still turned off? “During the inspection of the monument, representatives of the Office of the Warsaw Conservator of Monuments, together with employees of the Greenery Management, decided that in order to maintain the good condition of the object, conservation work should be started. The renovation will restore the aesthetic values ​​of the fountain” – explained in the communiqué.

Conservation works are to be carried out in two stages. “In the first, after obtaining the consent of the Provincial Mazowieckie Conservator of Monuments, conservative conservation will be carried out. The inner surface of the upper bowl of the fountain will be cleaned and secured, and a comprehensive conservation project will be prepared, which will also include a structural analysis of the facility as part of the second stage of work” – we read in the release. .

The date of completion of the works has not been specified.

The history of the fountain

The great fountain in the Saxon Garden was designed by Henryk Marconi, one of the most outstanding architects. He came from Italy, but worked in Poland. The construction of the fountain was built in the years 1853-55. As we can read on the website of the Green Board, this two-level, most impressive park water fountain – located in the center of the garden – attracts visitors at any time. It was launched on June 4, 1855 during the official celebrations of the opening of the municipal waterworks in Warsaw.

The fountain is one of the four fountains designed by Henryk Marconi and the only one that has survived from the water fountains that were launched at that time, located at Teatralny Square, at Zygmunt’s Column and at the Old Town Square. In 2006-2007 the fountain was thoroughly restored.

Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński/tvnwarszawa.pl

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