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Warsaw. The gecko basked lazily in the sun. Crows attacked him. Ecopatrol intervention

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Not bothering anyone, an adult gecko was basking lazily in the sun at Obozowa Street at noon. Although the unusual traveler from warm countries does not belong to aggressive animals, his mere presence caused the aggression of local crows, the city guard reported. The rescued gecko went to the CITES center at the Warsaw zoo.

An adult gecko was lazily basking in the sun on the Election Field. He didn’t bother anyone, but he didn’t gain the favor of the local crows who started attacking him. This was noticed by a woman on the playground, who chased away the crows and called the guards from the eco-patrol.

– He was not sick or injured, so the applicant reacted in time. This is a beautiful leopard gecko that is about 15 cm long. Such specimens come from Asia and are willingly bred in Poland. They need warmth, they feed on insects. Probably this individual was released on the lawn, because there are no residential buildings in the vicinity – said inspector Sebastian Ryczkiewicz from the ecopatrol of the city guard.

The officers took care of the reptile. They took it to a container and safely transported it to the CITES center at the Warsaw Zoo.

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Occurs in deserts

Leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius) The Latin name means “spotted with true eyelids” and comes from its movable eyelids. It is the only gecko that can close its eyes.

Young lizards are covered with dark stripes on a light background, like a tiger. Over time, these stripes turn into smaller and smaller spots. Tiny speckles on a usually yellow or orange background make the gecko’s skin resemble leopard fur.

It is found in deserts and semi-deserts with hard ground in the regions of Asia Minor and Central. The tiger gecko is great at adapting to changing conditions. It lives in slightly humid areas, where the temperature in summer reaches 40 degrees Celsius, and in winter it drops below 20 degrees during the day. There are even frosts at night.

Main photo source: Metropolitan Municipal Police

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