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Warsaw. The Gloria Victis monument will undergo renovation

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In October, renovation works will take place on the Gloria Victis monument, commemorating the soldiers of the Home Army who died in the Warsaw Uprising. The last major renovation of the monument was carried out over 60 years ago.

Renovation of the Gloria Victis monument along with the graves of the Home Army commanders will commence on the initiative of the Social Committee of Volunteers of the Warsaw Uprising Museum “Save the Insurgent Graves”.

According to the museum, the previous major renovation of the monument was carried out 63 years ago. From that moment on, only ad hoc repair work was undertaken. The program of conservation works includes treatments aimed at restoring the original technical properties and aesthetic values ​​of the monument. It will also be necessary to protect the facility against damage and degradation processes.

MPW also informed that all works will be performed and financed by Granity Skwara – Kamień Naturalny. The renovation of the monument will be completed on October 30.


Gloria Victis Monument

The Gloria Victis monument was erected at the Powązki Military Cemetery. It was unveiled and consecrated on the second anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising on August 1, 1946. Next to the monument, there are graves of Home Army soldiers fighting in the uprising, whose ashes were exhumed in the years 1945–1947 from all over Warsaw.

The name of the monument, that is the Latin translation of the phrase “Glory for the Vanquished”, refers to the title of Eliza Orzeszkowa’s short story. The theme of the work is the January Uprising, which becomes an occasion to reflect on the value of a patriotic act.

The initiators of the construction of the monument commemorating those who died during the Warsaw Uprising and the German occupation were soldiers from the Headquarters of the Diversion (Kedyw) of the Home Army Headquarters and the families of the insurgents from the “Radosław” Group. In February 1946, a competition for the design of the monument was organized. The winner was Helena Kłosowicz “Monika” from the “Łukasiński” Battalion.

The construction works were carried out by the Koziański brothers’ stonemason and art plant, and the author of the winning design supervised all the works. The monument took the form of a black granite obelisk; on its sides there are inscriptions: “For Home Army soldiers who died for freedom”, “1939–1944”, “Warsaw Uprising 1.VIII – 2.X.1944” and “Gloria Victis”.

In 1994, next to the Gloria Victis monument, a monument-tomb was erected in honor of the commanders of the Home Army, generals Stefan Rowecki “Grot”, Tadeusz Komorowski “Bor”, Leopold Okulicki “Niedźwiadek”, and the commander of the Service for Poland’s Victory, General Michał Tokarzewski-Karaszewicz “Torwid” .

Every year on August 1 at 5 pm, that is “W” hour, anniversary celebrations are held at the Gloria Victis monument with the participation of representatives of municipal and state authorities, veterans, their families and residents of Warsaw.

Main photo source: Warsaw Uprising Museum

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