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Warsaw. The grinding of the subway tracks has begun

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Last weekend – on the night of June 4 to 5 – grinding of the rails on the first metro line began. Work will continue throughout June, during the summer holidays and in December. As Metro Warszawskie declares, they will not affect the running of trains.

On May 30, Metro Warszawskie signed a contract with a company that specializes in track grinding. A specialized train is used for these works. “Last weekend, on the night of June 4-5, the grinder entered the tracks for the first time this year – on the section between Kabaty and Imielin stations. In total, the work covered 1.5 km of rails that night. railway tracks from the Natolin station to the Ursynów stop area.

Holiday and December work. Remove “fatigue wear”

The grinder will run through June, July and August, as well as in December. Until then, the condition of most tracks and turnouts on both lines of the underground railway is to be improved.

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“Preventive grinding takes place when the metro does not carry passengers, i.e. during the night break. It allows you to remove the so-called fatigue wear – in the form of defects such as chipping, spalling, waviness that appear on the rail heads during their operation. This technology also makes it possible to recreate the transverse profile of the rails.

Rail grinding in the subway (25.11.2021)Warsaw Metro

A shower of sparks

The grinder is able to improve the condition of a two-kilometer stretch of track in less than three hours. The repair is accompanied by a spectacular shower of sparks.

“Regular maintenance works allow you to restore the original properties of the rails at a relatively low cost, i.e. restore the appropriate transverse profile and eliminate surface defects in the first stage of their formation” – indicates Metro Warszawskie. The company calculates that maintenance works extend the life of the underground railway, slow down the process of wheel wear, and reduce vibration and noise during train travel.

Main photo source: Warsaw Metro

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