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Warsaw. The guards noticed the smoke. They went to the stonemason, and there was a cinderella and pouring a septic tank

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The attention of city guards was drawn to the smoke on Palisadowa Street. They decided to find out what the cause was. determined that she was guilty of working as a stonemason who used an out-of-class kiln. It was also supposed to discharge impurities into the ground.

At the end of March, city guards from the Environmental Protection Department noticed a lot of smoke in the area of ​​Palisadowa Street in Bielany. They determined where the smoke was coming from and proceeded to intervene. They inspected the sculpture and stonework workshop. There – as they indicate – they noticed a solid fuel stove in use, inconsistent with applicable regulations.

In addition, the guards found serious irregularities in the management of liquid waste on the property, which was discharged directly into the ground instead of into the sewage system or septic tank. As added, the guilty of both offenses were punished. The officers also ordered the dismantling of the sewage installation that did not comply with the regulations and ordered that the furnace outside the classroom should be taken out of use.

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Fire on the roof of a building in WarsawContact 24/Mario19bb

Main photo source: Warsaw Municipal Police

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