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Warsaw. The hit-and-run of teenagers on Modlińska was helped by city guards

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On Friday evening on Modlińska, a 21-year-old Ford driver hit two teenagers on a pedestrian crossing. The first on the spot were the city guards who provided first aid to the injured girls. Both were hospitalized.

On Friday, a few minutes after 11 p.m., city guards patrolled Modlińska Street. Reaching a pedestrian crossing, the officers noticed a group of people standing on the street above the lying woman, and behind her a black Ford.

“The guards immediately stopped the police car. Lying on the ground, a frightened young girl had a bloody head and screamed in pain. Moments after the accident, her mother appeared on the scene. A second teenager was sitting on the lawn nearby, complaining of headaches and leg pains” – they write in message from the city guard.

“According to the eyewitness accounts, the girls, accompanied by a friend, were crossing the road with a green light when they were hit by a Ford driver. The 21-year-old driver was identified. As he explained, driving in the middle lane he did not notice the red light, cars and girls braking in the adjacent lanes As a result of the impact, both teenagers were hit by a car and, falling, hit their heads on the asphalt” – they add.

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“She kept saying she couldn’t feel her legs, her hips and her head hurt”

The guards called the ambulance and the police, and they themselves began to provide first aid to the victims. A second patrol of the city guard was called in to help secure the scene. – The more severely injured woman repeated that she couldn’t feel her legs, her hips and head hurt. As a result of the impact, she suffered facial injuries, said the guard who took care of the teenager until the ambulance arrived.

The officer took care of the second wounded man.

“She also complained of severe pain in her legs and head. The girl was covered with a thermal blanket and treated. After the ambulance arrived, the guards made telephone contact with the mother of the seriously injured girl, informing her that her daughter would be taken to the hospital at Żwirki i Wigury. city ​​guards escorted an ambulance. The second girl was transported to the hospital at Niekłańska, “the city guards report. As they add, “he was scared but sober”, and after the accident he tried to help the victim.

Main photo source: Municipal Police

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