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Warsaw. The House of Literature stays in the Old Town. The district signed a new lease agreement

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The House of Literature remains, the authorities of Śródmieście inform. The district signed a new lease agreement with the foundation that runs the space where literary associations have been operating for several decades. This is the result of negotiations on the future of this place, which took place in the autumn.

“I signed a new lease agreement with the House of Literature Foundation. This place will be available to all writers and open to residents. We have already written it in the preamble to the agreement,” Aleksander Ferens, the mayor of Śródmieście, announced on social media at the end of December. As he announced, the district authorities will work together with writers on “programs supporting the development and promotion of reading”, as well as “striving to create a cultural institution that serves the entire literary community”.

“Literary organizations such as the Association of Literary Translators and the Literary Union will join the group of representatives forming the House of Literature. The Śródmieście district of the capital city of Warsaw will watch over the use of this space and support the development of literary initiatives” – added the mayor.

In the communiqué of the district office, he also noted that the new contract means a new opening for the institution and “it will be more inclusive of creators and transparent in its operation.” “With its signing, we put an end to the accumulated speculations. The House of Literature remains,” Ferens stressed.

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Śródmieście has signed a contract for the lease of the House of LiteratureUD Downtown

Writers could lose their seat

As previously reported on tvnwarszawa.pl, the agreement covers a two-year transitional periodo. It is the result of negotiations between the foundation and literary associations and the district authorities, which were also attended by experts in the field of culture and the director of the city’s Culture Office.

The talks took place after the fall The House of Literature Foundation received a letter from the mayor of Śródmieście about the rejection of its application for an extension of the lease for another three years the Prażmowski and John tenement houses at Krakowskie Przedmieście 87/89 and ul. Senatorska 1. Aleksander Ferens explained this by “a very difficult situation of the capital city of Warsaw related to the lack of sufficient financial resources for the implementation of all necessary tasks” and “the crisis caused by the war in Ukraine”. He announced that the tenement houses would be used “for the own purposes of the Śródmieście district”, but he did not exclude the use of some of the space for rent. The previous three-year lease agreement expired on December 31, 2022.

The connected tenement houses near Zamkowy Square have been the space for the functioning of various literary associations for several decades. Recently, the House of Literature housed the offices of the Polish Writers’ Association, the Polish PEN Club and the Polish Writers’ Union. It houses over 70,000 volumes of the Polish Writers’ Donation Library with valuable manuscripts, whose future was uncertain in the context of moving out.

The House of Literature stays in ŚródmieścieArtur Węgrzynowicz/tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz/tvnwarszawa.pl

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