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Warsaw. The Independence March will have a state character, announced the PiS spokeswoman Anita Czerwińska in the Sejm

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The Independence March will have a state character – announced Anita Czerwińska, spokeswoman for the Law and Justice party in the Sejm on Tuesday. She also called for “a dignified march that does not lose its social character”.

During the press conference in the Sejm on Tuesday, the PiS spokeswoman was asked about the calls by the head of the Ministry of Justice, Zbigniew Ziobro, to “civil disobedience” of the organizers of the Independence March. She replied that “the march will be of a state nature”. – It has just been announced that the march will be of a state nature – said Czerwińska.

– We appeal for a dignified passage of the Independence March, which does not lose its social character, because it has been so from the very beginning, for many years. We know that many people from all over Poland are going, and in the spirit of responsibility – because these people would come anyway – the march will be of a state nature. There will be an organization and it will be secured – she announced.

However, the spokeswoman did not answer journalists’ questions about the route of the march.

The march is to start at the Dmowskiego roundabout

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The announcement on the march was issued on Tuesday morning by the Office for Veterans and Victims of Oppression.

“In the face of the incomprehensible decision of the president of the capital, Rafał Trzaskowski, denying the legality of the Independence March, as well as the harmful organizers of the Independence March, the decisions of the courts, feeling responsible for this social event and the safety of all those who want to celebrate Independence Day in this formula on November 11, I made a decision to grant formal status on the basis of Article 2 (1) of the Law on Assemblies “- informed Jan Józef Kasprzyk, head of the Office for Veterans and Victims of Oppression.

As it was added, the ceremony will start “in accordance with the original will of the social organizers of the event at 1.00 pm at the Roman Dmowski roundabout”.

Then the participants may follow the “traditional route of the march” – usually it led through Aleje Jerozolimskie to de Gaulle roundabout and then over the Poniatowski Bridge to the National Stadium Błonia. The security of the participants is to be ensured by the police and the Military Police.

“In Skaryszewski Park, delegations will lay flowers under the busts of one of the fathers of our Independence, Ignacy Jan Paderewski,” announced Kasprzyk.

“Respecting the achievements of the March of Independence, I am asking for the support of all those who are united by love for the homeland, the white and red flag and the proud Eagle of the Republic of Poland. By participating, we will manifest our commitment to the most precious gift, which is the Independence of the Republic of Poland,” stressed the head of the Office.

Terlecki: we hope there will be no provocations

– All these doubts were thus dispelled. The march will take place. All those who will come from all over the country to participate in it – you know where to do it. We hope that there will be no provocations or incidents – said Ryszard Terlecki, Deputy Speaker of the Sejm during the conference.

Earlier on Tuesday, the deputy speaker announced on Polish Radio 24 that in his opinion the march would take place and “there is a question of certain organizational solutions that I think will be announced today”.

The courts refused to register the nationalist march

For several weeks now, the courts have been dealing with the registration of the Independence March as a cyclical assembly. Pursuant to the ruling of the court of appeal, the march was not registered as such an assembly. On October 29, the Warsaw appellate court upheld the revocation of the decision of the Masovian voivode on the registration of the Independence March. Two days earlier, the District Court in Warsaw quashed the decision of the Masovian Voivode to register this cyclical event. Thus, the SO allowed for the appeal of the Warsaw City Hall in this case.

Zbigniew Ziobro, Prosecutor General, also intervened in this case by filing an extraordinary appeal with the Supreme Court. In it, he demanded that the decision prohibiting the registration of the Independence March as a cyclical assembly be repealed. The prosecutor general requested the court of appeal to stay this decision.

On Monday morning it was reported that the Court of Appeal in Warsaw dismissed the motion to stay the execution of the court’s decision. On the same day in the evening, the Supreme Court informed that the extraordinary complaint had been returned to the appellate court for formal reasons.

Despite the negative decision of the capital city authorities and the court, the organizers of the Independence March announced that the event would take place. “We are still looking for legal solutions, and one of them may be a change of route,” said Robert Bąkiewicz, President of the March of Independence Association on Sunday.

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