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Warsaw. The intervention hostel for LGBT + people has started operating. It will help people in a homeless crisis

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The intervention hostel for LGBT + people in the homelessness crisis has started its activity – said the vice-president of Warsaw Aldona Machnowska-Góra. For the next three years it will be run by the Lambda Association. For people who want to use the hostel’s help, a special helpline has been set up.

In May, the town hall concluded a competition to run a 24-hour shelter and intervention support point for LGBT + people. The contract was signed with the Lambda Warsaw Association. “The Capital City of Warsaw is an open place, it is open to everyone. We want everyone to have equal rights and opportunities, to feel good here and, above all, to be safe” – emphasized then Vice-Mayor Machnowska-Góra.

On Wednesday, the deputy president announced that the hostel was just starting to operate. “Thanks to a three-year grant from the Capital City of Warsaw, the Lambda Warsaw Intervention Hostel for LGBTQI + people in the crisis of homelessness is starting to operate,” she said in social media, adding that the organization spent the last months on renovation and furnishing the place in accordance with the agreement.


You can report to the hostel via the helpline

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In turn, the Lambda Warsaw Association informs that all non-heteronormative people, who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and want to take advantage of the hostel’s offer, are asked to contact the helpline – 22 628 52 22. It is open from Monday to Friday from 18:00 to 21:00. It is dedicated to the registration and admission procedure to the hostel.

The association will run an intervention hostel in the form of training flats. “This is a place that many people from the LGBT + community have been waiting for, especially those affected by the homelessness crisis due to the discrimination they experience. They are looking for a safe shelter and help in overcoming the crisis situation they have found themselves in, “says Lambda Warszawa.

Up to 10 people will be able to stay in the emergency apartments at the same time. “We will provide them not only with safe shelter and food, but also with appropriate psychological, legal or social assistance – necessary to stand on their own feet” – emphasized the representatives of the association.

There is also an internet collection for the hostel’s activities. “Intervention housing is subsidized by the city, but we must provide our own contribution of nearly PLN 100,000 as part of the project. Although we are responsible for running the housing, we understand this project as a common cause, important for the entire LGBT + community and allies. We would like to ask you for support in helping non-heteronormative people in the homelessness crisis “, appeals the Lambda Warsaw association.

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