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Warsaw. The KS Drukarz pitch has not been cleared of snow. The club is at odds with the district

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One of the heads of the Drukarz Sports Club complains that the district does not clear snow from the pitch, which local residents call “Wembley”. Officials admit they don’t have the proper snow blower required by the pitch’s manual. She doesn’t have a club either.

The problem was signaled by Michał Porzyczkowski, a board member of KS Drukarz. He informed on Facebook that “for reasons beyond the control of the club, until the end of the week, training at the Wembley pitch will take place without clearing the pitch beforehand”.

“I would like to remind you that the owner of the land on which the pitch is located is the Capital City of Warsaw, represented by the Praga-Południe District. that the pitch will not be cleared of snow. The reason given was the failure to conduct a tender for the performance of the above-mentioned service in a timely manner “- we read in the entry.

“As a Club, we do not have the right to clear snow from the pitch on our own. As you probably remember, the artificial turf was replaced a few months ago. The contractor gave the District a guarantee for the above-mentioned works and indicated how / with what machines the turf can be cleared of snow. Unfortunately, the Club does not have appropriate equipment that would comply with the contractor’s guidelines” – explained the Drukarz activist.

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The paving contractor imposes a snow blower

According to the spokesman for the district office, Andrzej Opali, the storm in social media is incomprehensible. – This situation surprises us all the more that so far there was a “gentleman’s” agreement in this matter between the district office and KS Drukarz, which is the main user of this pitch, on the basis of which the club committed itself to clearing its pitches of snow – commented the spokesman.

Opala noted that the tender Porzyczkowski wrote about is irrelevant because it does not apply to clearing snow from artificial pitches. Why?

– In the previous year, we did not remove snow from artificial turf pitches, because it requires highly specialized equipment that the district does not have – he argued. And he provided a fragment of the instructions for using the pitch, which confirms that, according to the contractor’s guidelines, snow can only be removed by machine so as not to damage the surface. You can’t do it, as some of the commenters of the above entry would like, with shovels. You have to be very careful not to accidentally get rid of the rubber granulate that accompanies the plastic “grass”. Officials concluded that with fewer and fewer snowy winters, buying expensive equipment or renting it made little sense.

– So far, we have met with understanding from activists and parents of young athletes. The break in training has never lasted longer than three weeks. It seemed to us that it was better than destroying a very expensive pitch surface – Andrzej Opala defended the decision of the office. – Training is not allowed on snowy pitches with artificial turf, so there is no risk of an accident or injury – he added.

The Ombudsman reminds about the subsidy and announces the meeting

Kamionkowski’s “Wembley” district has recently been modernized for PLN 1.3 million. Opala reminded that Drukarz receives more than PLN 100,000 per year from a district subsidy for its activities. – When last year the club was threatened with a drastic increase in rent for the areas leased from the capital city of Warsaw, it was the authorities of the Praga-Południe district that won a significant reduction for it, thanks to which it can continue its activities – the spokesman reminded the club’s authorities. But at the same time, already in a conciliatory tone, he announced a meeting of the district authorities and the club.

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter, tvnwarszawa.pl

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