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Warsaw. The man allegedly accosted children at schools in Białołęka

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An unknown man was allegedly accosting children at schools in Białołęka and offering them a ride and even candy. The signals were sent to the management of three facilities, and then to the police. Parents, however, feel that they have been ignored.

We received the first signal in this matter from a concerned parent whose daughter is studying at Primary School No. 110 (wants to remain anonymous). From his description, it appeared that the child was to be accosted in the morning, in the vicinity of the school. – The man was supposed to offer the girl a ride in the car. He was also to be seen in other areas of Białołęka – described the parent in an interview with tvnwarszawa.pl. He added that the management also mentioned the problem to the parents.

Alarming entries about the situation also appeared on the Facebook groups of the inhabitants of Białołęka. “Talk to children about safety, there are rumors that a stranger accosts children at Hemara or Białołęcka Street and offers a ride. Be careful. Informed services,” we read. One of the sports clubs also sent a text message to parents, in which he appealed for increased vigilance in Tarchomin. “A tall, bald man accosts children, offers candy,” the message said.

In the comments under the posts, parents advised to report everything to the police, but also to make it easier to recognize the man: take photos, check what car he is driving. However, they had difficulty in providing a detailed description.

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Preventive supervision in three schools

At the District Police Headquarters in Białołęka we asked about this and other similar events. – Police officers received information provided by employees and the parent of a student from Primary School No. 231 at 10 Juranda ze Spychowa Street, Primary School No. 360 at ul. Ostródzka 175 and Primary School No. 110 – confirmed Commissioner Paulina Onyszko, spokeswoman for the local police.

According to the police officer, the latest report in this case was received on November 28. It was about Primary School No. 314 at Porajów Street.

She added that “operational activities in this case are carried out by the policemen of the criminal division”. As she assured, “the area adjacent to the schools has been under preventive supervision by police officers who conduct their own arrangements in this regard.”

However, there was an obstacle. – People reporting these disturbing situations were unable to provide a description of the man, as well as other information identifying him – noted the police officer. And she emphasized: – We urge you to immediately report information about such events by calling the emergency number 112. It is extremely important to provide as much information as possible: appearance, clothes, special signs, or possibly a vehicle, thanks to which it will be possible to identify such a person as soon as possible and taking the necessary control actions against it.

We asked what exactly it means that the area has been under preventive supervision, how many patrols have been involved and whether they still control school areas. – Every day, policemen, in the course of the current patrol service and district police officers, as part of the round service, control the area adjacent to schools for the event. In addition, the officers of the Criminal Department take operational activities consisting in the observation of school facilities and people whose behavior may affect the safety of students, the policewoman assured. She also stressed that there was no specific number of police officers assigned to these activities.

The school asks parents to be extra vigilant

We have asked the schools listed by the police for comment. Only Małgorzata Słowik, deputy director of primary school number 231, answered us. She admitted that the management received a disturbing signal about a man who “accusedly accosted children in the vicinity of schools in Białołęka” on October 17 from a social networking site. – The next day we received a report from one parent that a child – a student of class IV – was accosted at a bus stop near the school. We immediately contacted the police station, describing the situation, providing information obtained from the parent – said the deputy director. However, she emphasized that this was only one case reported by a parent. She also indicated that the police had committed to increasing patrols around the school.

What steps has the school taken? – The tutors conducted talks on safety and keeping distance in relation to strangers – assured Słowik.

She also added that in addition, the following message was sent to all parents of students via the Librus electronic journal: “in connection with reports that a man was seen in the vicinity of Białołęcka Street, driving a car and accosting children, we ask you to increased vigilance and conversations with children about safety, especially in the case of students coming to and returning to/from school on their own.

According to the director, there were no further reports on this matter.

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