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Warsaw. The man allegedly stole fuel 48 times

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The police detained a 33-year-old on Kijowska Street because his car had illegal lights. It soon turned out that the problems with the car did not end there. The license plates were changed, and the driver was carrying several fuel canisters in the trunk. His background interested the police.

The police stopped the Volkswagen, which did not have the required headlights. When they checked the vehicle’s license plates, it turned out that they belonged to another Kia car. – The 33-year-old sitting behind the wheel did not want to explain who the car belongs to and who changed the plates – said commissioner Paulina Onyszko from the Warsaw VI District Police Headquarters.

She added that the officers checked the Volkswagen VIN number in the system and determined its rightful owner. – The uniformed officers decided to carefully check the man and search the vehicle – explained Onyszko.

They found fuel in the trunk

In the trunk they found several canisters of various capacities. Two had fuel. Police officers began to suspect that the Volkswagen controlled by them was used to steal fuel at stations. Their suspicions were confirmed. “The evidence of this was the recordings from the surveillance cameras,” the police officer said.

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Police arrested the 33-year-old, and investigators notified other police units about the case. Then it turned out that the man was stealing fuel not only in Praga Północ, Białołęka and Targówek, but also in other parts of Warsaw.

– The material collected in this case proved that the 33-year-old from the end of September last year to January 8 this year committed as many as 48 thefts of fuel for the amount of about PLN 8,000 – informed Paulina Onyszko.

The man was charged. He could face a sentence of up to five years in prison.

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The perpetrators stole a bag from the car and fled Artur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: KRP VI

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