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Warsaw. The man drank the disinfectant. City guards helped him

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Just before midnight on Wednesday, the city guards received a summons regarding a man who was writhing in pain at the bus terminus. It turned out that the 51-year-old had previously drunk disinfectant. He required hospitalization.

“City guards from the 5th Regional Department received a report about a man who is writhing in pain at the Piaski bus terminus” – the press services of the city guard informed on Friday. On June 1, just before midnight, on the sidewalk by the loop, the officers found a man – he was curled up on the ground.

The fluid was taken from the hospital where he was staying

“He had a broken head and complained of severe abdominal pain. The officers treated the wound on his head. He was not aware of where he was and how he ended up in this place” – reported the municipal police.

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When the guards helped the man up, it turned out that he was carrying a container of strong disinfectant. He confessed that he had taken the liquid container from the hospital where he had been staying until recently, and then drank about 0.7 l of this drug.

An ambulance was immediately called to the place of intervention. The man was taken to hospital. Officers determined that the 51-year-old is a resident of the capital.

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Main photo source: Warsaw fire brigade

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