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Warsaw. The man got stuck in the canal

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While patrolling places where people in the homeless crisis can seek shelter, city guards found an injured man who was stuck on a ladder leading to the canal. Firefighters had to intervene.

The incident happened on Sunday evening. City guards from the 6th Regional Department controlled heating nodes at Elektronowa. In one of the hatches they noticed a man hanging upside down, his leg caught in the elements of a metal ladder.

“The man did not answer the guards’ questions, but only slightly moved his hands. The construction of the ladder was very unstable,” the Warsaw City Guard announced on Monday.

The fire brigade and ambulance service were called to the scene. “A few minutes later, rescue vehicles arrived at the site. Two firefighters descended into the sewer on ropes. They checked the man’s vital parameters, stabilized the structure, and when it was possible, the third firefighter cut off a fragment of the ladder with the trapped man” – reports the Warsaw SM.

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The victim was brought to the surface using mountaineering rescue equipment and handed over to paramedics. The man was injured in the leg and lost a lot of blood. He was also very chilled. He was transported to a specialist hospital at Szaserów Street.

Action of firefighters and city guards at ul. electronicMunicipal police in Warsaw

Main photo source: Municipal police in Warsaw

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