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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Warsaw. The man was carrying over five grams of marijuana. He convinced the policemen that they were cones

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Policemen from Wawer found dried plants wrapped in aluminum foil in the 22-year-old detained. He argued that they were cones that he had collected in the forest. The man heard the allegation of possession of intoxicants.

Officers from Warsaw’s Wawer – along with policemen from the criminal department – arrested a young man during routine field operations around 1:40. The 22-year-old assured that he was just coming home, but he was very nervous.


“Szyszki” from the sachet

Initially, he claimed that he did not have any documents with him. After a while, however, he showed evidence. However, he did not want the officers to search his sachet. It turned out that he had dried plants there wrapped in aluminum foil. The 22-year-old, however, tried to convince the policemen that these were simply cones that he had found in the forest.

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The man ended up in a police cell. And the cones turned out to be marijuana, there were more than five grams of it. The 22-year-old heard the allegation of possession of intoxicants.

On the tvnwarszawa.pl portal, we also informed about a man who went to the boulevards with a machete:

The incident took place on the boulevards (video without sound) Michał, Contact 24

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